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Discuss 2009/2010 Most Anticipated Match Ups at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by LoSt 125: Nickerson v Robles 133: Ness v Oliver 141: Humphrey v ...
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    Default Re: 2009/2010 Most Anticipated Match Ups

    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    125: Nickerson v Robles
    133: Ness v Oliver
    141: Humphrey v Gallick
    149: Chamberlain vs Terry
    157: Moley vs Hall
    165: Schlatter vs anyone
    174: Lewnes vs Letts
    184: Smith (if he wrestles) vs Kilgore
    197: Beatty vs Simaz
    HVY: Steele vs Any B12 guy

    Half of these probably wont happen, but they are matches I would very much like to see.
    Do YOU really want to see TNICK and Robles -what happened to Ashmore ?

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    Default Re: 2009/2010 Most Anticipated Match Ups

    Alright I'll admit I"m new to the college wrestling scene but here's the matches I really want to see that haven't been listed and why.
    Robles V. Nickerson, Sanders
    Nickerson because they haven't seen each other, and I want to see if people learn to adapt to Robles' style.
    Metcalf v. the other top wrestlers at 149.
    After taking a tough loss I wonder if people see chinks in his armor or if he's going to have any let down this year, or is he going to be a man on a mission, out to destroy whatever is in his path. I would have loved to see Metcalf v. Caldwell (anyone know why he is RSing?)
    Clayton Foster v Askren and Foster/Askren V Puccillo, Keddy
    I'll admit that I'm a bit of a homer for Foster, he grew up less than an hours drive from here, I know his coach fairly well and he's left behind a wake of incredible wrestlers at his school, but I'd love to see these two at the new weight. Will they have enough gas at this weight to be effective--even late into matches?

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    Default Re: 2009/2010 Most Anticipated Match Ups

    125-Nickerson V. Sanders-Nickerson v. Robles would be like Robles/Dhoe, except less close. I've said that I think Sanders is the only guy who could beat Nickerson this year.
    133-Oliver v. Gomez-Two athletes nasty on their feet.
    141-Hump v. Slaton/Marion-one of these guys can potentially challenge Reece
    149-Metcalf v. Palmer-It's always intense and I think Lance gives him a close one
    157-Sanderson v. Saddoris-two good technicians, fighting out out to get 2nd.
    165-Schlatter v. M*-If it's late at night and I can't sleep, I'll have this match and goodnight sweetheart. But seriously, I just want to see if M* can keep it close or get close to a TD.
    174-Lewnes v. J Bo-This could be a finals preview and I'm wondering if J bo can hold Mack daddy off
    184-Pucillo v. Keddy- Two bruisers that go for 7 minutes(or more) It's the finals imo.
    197-Gelogaev v. Varner-I really really hope maybe this guy can keep it close or even beat him.
    285-Danimal v. Rosholt-it was an amazing match last year, want to see it again.
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