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Thread: 2009 NWCA All Star Classic: Predictions/Line Ups

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    Default 2009 NWCA All Star Classic: Predictions/Line Ups

    Even though we don't have a full version of the line ups out (and the line ups will almost definitely change anyway) I figure I'll get this thread out and started.

    Main Card
    125: #4 Zach Sanders (Minnesota) v. #5 James Nicholson (Old Dominion)
    133: #4 Steve Bell (Maryland) v. #5 Daniel Dennis (Iowa)
    141: #2 Nick Gallick (Iowa State) v. #3 Alex Krom (Maryland)
    149: #2 Lance Palmer (Ohio State) v. #5 Kyle Borshoff (American)
    157: #1 Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska) v. #2 Matt Moley (Bloomsburg)
    165: #4 Jon Reader (Iowa State) v. #6 Andy Rendos (Bucknell)
    174: #2 Chris Henrich (Virginia) v. #7 Stephen Dwyer (Nebraska)
    184: #4 Max Askren (Missouri) v. #5 Josh Patterson (Binghamton)
    197: #1 Jake Varner (Iowa State) v. #2 Craig Brester (Nebraska)
    285: #5 David Zabriskie (Iowa State) v. #6 Mitch Monteiro (Cal-Poly)

    141: Adin Duenas (Cal State Fullerton) vs. Elijah Nacita (Cal State Bakersfield)
    184: Zach Giesen (Stanford) vs Enoch Francois (Cal Baptist University)
    197: John Drake (Cal State Fullerton) vs Riley Orozco (Cal State Bakersfield)
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