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Thread: No more backflips

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    When Michael Mangrum won his third he did three backflips in the middle of the mat. It was completely staged, he got his hand raised, shook the coaches hand, signed his bout card then handed his coach his headgrear ran a lap or two around the mat before starting his flip routine. Kinda classless in my opinion.

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    Perhaps a solution would be to force today's HS and college wrestlers to sit through a highlights film compilation of the "victory celebrations" of top old-school champs like Dan Hodge. Back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, there were no backflips, running around with a cape and roses, or an American flag in front of the previous weight's award ceremony, or shoving an opponent who was doing a backflip. This is not to say the legends of the past were emotionless automatrons. There were handshakes and hugs -- handshakes that were sincere, like between a home purchaser and a banker, not this "slap the tips of my fingers" thing that would never pass muster to seal a major financial transaction... as well as genuine joy expressed on the part of winners. But it lacked the theatrics sometimes seen today.

    Could someone please post link(s) to these new rules/proposed rules? I'd like to see how they are written -- are they specific as to what would be outlawed? Do they spell out specific punishments for overcelebrating?


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    Once again Mark, you're right on the money.

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