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Thread: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

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    Default Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    Things I noticed:

    Askren gets a lot of respect as the #2 guy over Keddy at his new weight.

    They show Gelogaev a decent amount of respect for a guy who has never competed in folk before. Starts out at #4.

    How is Garrett Scott still considered a sophomore? Seems like he's been around forever. He is ranked #5 at 149.

    Oliver enters the rankings at #7. That's got to be the highest a freshman has started out in a long time.

    Brandon Rader re-enters wrestling as the #3 ranked 141. I think this might be a bit high for a guy who has had some serious injuries and hasn't competed in 2 years, but he was certainly very good in his prime.

    My fantasy team starts out with 6 guys ranked in the top 5. I'm pleased with that, but almost everyone else is ranked outside the top 10--for now.
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    Default Re: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    Interesting looking set of rankings to start things off with. They're definitely going out on limbs in some places.

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    Default Re: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    Kyle Dake is #10 before his first freshman match? Interesting.

    Personally, I think it's useful to be under-ranked early in the year. Will the top-ranked wrestlers wrestle hungry, or will they wrestle cautiously? Some folks wrestle not to lose, instead of wrestling to win.

    I think Intermat's top-ten team rankings are as good a guess as anyone could come up with. The individual rankings are bold and interesting. As a Hawkeye fan, I hope that Dennis, M*, Borschel, and Keddy step it up a notch or two, and hammer these rankings.

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    Default Re: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    Dake coming into one of the tougher weight classes ranked 10th is surprising -Blanton at #7 is about right -Kjar coming in ranked higher than Garnett was surprising .

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    Default Re: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    these are a bit silly from a strict rankings perspective, but I cant say I disagree with things like having oliver top 8 as far as a projection standpoint goes.
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    Default Re: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    lol @ askren over keddy. Whatever.

    Surprised to see DS ranked 1st...anyone else?

    I'm not saying it's a bad predection...I'm saying it's weird that a returning national ranking doesn't get the number 1 ranking by default the next year. Beatty at 12, Gelogaev at 4...ok...

    It seems they are taking lots of Freestyle results and applying them to collegiate.

    Martinez 17th though, and hes got 2 wins over Sanders..There are lots, I'm not saying they're wrong, just strange.
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    Default Re: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    Sanders also beat Martinez last year in folk

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    Default Re: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    Intermat did NOT respect last years 184 lb. class. Askren over Keddy? Cannon in 4th? Dergo at 10th? Yikes.

    Gelogaev seems out of place that high.

    I hope the Iowa guys pummel their rankings, but I don't think anybody is egregiously low. Even the Keddy thing, it's not like 3 is a big deal as opposed to 2 in the grand scheme of things.
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    Default Re: Preseason Intermat Rankings Released

    I think Beatty at #12 seems a tad low and I am not pro Hawkeye per se. That being said, I at least like that Intermat was willing to include freshman and take a gamble at some of the weights based on past results. Give these rankings a month and we will see how they did overall.

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