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Thread: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    In HS, beating 7 state champs, including the CA. champ, to win the USWF Western Regional.
    College- Pinning the # 3 seed (Jim Phils-Harvard) and Matt Ghaffari to get to the semifinals of Midlands one year. Winning D2 was nice too.

    Post College - Beating Jimmy Jackson to take 3rd in US Nationals or Beating Jeff Blatnic twice at Olympic Festival.

    International- Beating the Hungarian for the bronze in Jr. World Championships after suffering a concussion.

    Coaching- Helping Adam Green of Penn get to the EIWA Finals his soph. year.
    or helping my son get to the state finals this year.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    Schwab as a freshman over Gurrero on TV

    Morningstar as a freshman over Paulson at Carver

    Konrad pinning Mocco at National Duals

    Perry beating Hendricks

    Getting all of the 1995/94 Hawks autographs at the hotel during the state tournament when I was in Jr High. Knee's shaking while Ray Brinzer signed.

    Hanging out in the Sauna with my buddy, Gable, Lincoln Mac and Joel Sharrat. Lincoln and Joel were working out while Gable told us wrestling stories. I was so pumped up after that, I think I could have won a state title that day, and I was in Jr High. That was probably my favorite wrestling moment of all time.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    This sport has been good to you!
    It certainly has and I appreciate it every day.
    Atrophy: what you get when you win atournament.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    Been to every Midlands/NCAAs in the last 8 or so years with a bunch of duals sprinkled in as well as some smaller tourneys. That being said, even with my limited live experience compared to a bunch of folks on this board, I don't think the Rohn over Lambrecht immediately followed by Cael's 4th title will ever be topped for the rest of my life. At least for me...

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    Thinking I was great being 15-0 as a sophmore with a little over 1yr experience behind me running to guy ranked 7th in the state and getting pinned in a very short time. Nothing like being rocked back in reality and knowing that there are always better wrestlers out there.

    Also watching Ed Mosley at Calvary Chapel HS in Reno get beat by the Oregan Guy and running out of the stadium...Same Ed Mosley that went to Harvard and became there first All American

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    Soooo many to choose from, but some of my top ones are

    1. Rob Koll finally winning his first NCAA title with a first period pin

    2. Attending my first NCAA championships in 1981 at the age of 8, and being totally enthralled with the Iowa fans and the entire atmosphere. I was hooked!

    3. Perry over Hendricks

    4. Watching Raymond Jordan place 3rd last year, after watching him in high school and knowing everything he overcame to get there

    5. 1987 Virginia Duals final - Penn State and Oklahoma State tied on every criteria until it came to the coin toss

    6. getting called for stalling by Bluestater and Ezra from the stands at 2009 NCAAs.

    7. The Schwab & Zadick thread here on TWT.
    Super 32 Challenge - October 26-27, 2013

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    high school: Winning my first 33 matches in a row my senior year. Lost the 34th in the state semi-finals to Marcus Mollica only to be told after the match by Bill Barger that I'd pushed Marcus harder than anyone all season. It gave me a nice confidence boost to win my next two and place 3rd.

    College: Watching my friend and high school team mate, Rex Holman, finally win his national title.

    Coach: Watching from the corner as Chad Davis 215# Grandview Heights had his hand raised as Div.3 Ohio High School Champion. I think I enjoyed that more than anything I ever did myself.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    Quote Originally Posted by MOJO View Post
    Winning D2 was nice too.
    Talk about an understatement.

    Mojo, glad to see you're still lurching about.
    Life's not the breaths you take, the breathing in and out that gets you through the day ain't what it's all about. It's the moments that take your breath away.

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    Default Re: Your favorite wrestling memory--college version.

    HS: My first victory. I started wrestling as a freshman and I lost my first few JV matches. I finally won one by pinning with a half, and the rush of euphoria of getting a victory and a pin was unbelievable. I clearly remember my team mates yelling from the bench to sink the half, I did not know what I was doing but I looked down and there it was, ran the half and got the pin.

    College: Beating an AA and returning champ at conference championship after recovering from knee surgery, missing half the season and really struggling initially on return.

    FS: Wrestling with a horrible hangover against a tough Russian at the Moscow Olympic training center (this might not be my favorite moment but it was very memorable).

    Fan: Watching Rohn pin Lambrecht on TV. Only the second time in my life that a sporting event has made me jump up and down uncontrollably in my living room all by myself. Flutie's hail mary TD against Miami is the other one.

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