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Discuss Cardio workout routine at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; hey guys im a sophomore in high school and i usally do the treadmill do ...
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    Default Cardio workout routine

    hey guys im a sophomore in high school and i usally do the treadmill do get better cardio for wrestling and since college wrestlers have amazing cardio and can go 7mins at 100% i was wondering, if you were to use the treadmill for cardio what would your routine look like, just so i can compare it to my own and fix mine and improve
    Thank you

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    you should probably post this in the 'workout & training tips' section.

    actually going through matches in practice will give you a better sense of how you should be programming your conditioning. it's sort of a misnomer to classify wrestling as "7mins at 100%" because a most, if not all, of matches occur in bursts, not as a single all-out sprint. even then, not all matches are alike. sometimes you get ridden out, and sometimes you escape, and each scenario will call for different qualities in your combination of strength, power endurance, muscular endurance, and aerobic or anaerobic conditioning. simply wrestling copiously in practice will go a very long way. other than that, just experiment with a variety of intervals at a variety of intensities. i prefer to use sprints or burpees when doing interval work, but a treadmill can work. i tend to use a treadmill, or even an elliptical machine, when doing some of my longer runs/jogs.

    use the workout/training tip section next time!

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    Walk at a brisk pace until you start to get winded, and then take a 5 minute break.

    Repeat as necessary.
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    Default Re: Cardio workout routine

    Work the lungs and work the muscles.

    Cardio vascular fatigue and muscle fatigue training

    On a treadmil go as hard as you can (MPH wise) for 1 min then take a break for 60 seconds (spreading your legs apart so they are not on the moving track) Do that 4-12 times. You should cover a few miles according to the machine.

    That's called interval work. Thats the bread and butter of any good and simple cardio work out. You can do it in intervals of miles or just 400 meters (0.25) .

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