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    What's the latest with this guy? I know he's going to Penn State and red-shirting....but is he healthy? Will he be wrestling opens? What weight?
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    He's healthy I'm sure, just read an article. I guess he'll be around 49/57...thats what he projects I think
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    Haven't heard anything about him not being healthy. I think he'll be 149/157 this year for opens but for next year I think he'll be 57 or 65.

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    Next year, Deitchler v. Taylor: Who wins?
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    I'll take Taylor in folkstyle, though he may need time to grow into 157. As if it's hard enough for a freshman to get out on bottom, imagine how tough it'll be when you take a year off folkstyle. Taylor is a heck of a rider, he may ride like DS his first year or two until people figure him out...

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