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    Instead of clogging up the freestyle rules thread, I thought I'd start my own. I'm not terribly familiar with folkstyle (wrestled in Canada, freestyle and a bit of greco) but there's a few folkstyle scoring conventions that are pretty frustrating to watch. I'll use examples from the 2001 NCAA finals, a pretty awesome set of matches, because I just watched them on flowrestling.

    a) People backing out of bounds to avoid scoring. Even in old-rules freestyle we were warned to stay on bounds or we might get dinged- in the NCAA's people are really blatant about it. (ie 197 lb final- holy frick people).

    b) Escapes... as I mentioned on the other thread, escapes at crucial times mess up the scoring so that the wrestler with the most offensive points doesn't win. Good example is the Snyder/Williams match posted on flowrestling, were Williams starts in the down position. He scores a reversal (the only offensive points of the match), Snyder gets away, and the score is tied. Fair? (this match also demonstrates the out-of-bounds crap).

    c) People rolling onto their backs to prevent scoring. It drives me crazy that you can be on your back, just about pinned, but becasue you're grabbing onto a leg or something- no points. Example is the otherwise awesome Juergens/Thomspon match also on flo. In my mind if you are lying on your back, you should be giving up points. "Stay off your back" was about the first thing we learned.


    (Oh, and at least boring freestyle matches can end in 4 minutes, in folkstyle you "get" to watch 2 guys shove each other for 7 minutes )
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