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Thread: 2008/2009 Preseason All American Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    what are peoples thoughts on cody gardners impact this year?
    hopefully bigger then his impact on my fantasy team last year.
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    My bad -Perry stuck the Penn State kid -sorry.But didn't Rella transfer in this year ?
    correct. coach ryan was bragging about picking up rella during the off season and what he would add this year.

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    165: Trevor Stewart of Central Michigan. He's a senior and lost in the round of 12 last year to Reader. He was the only person other than Perry to beat Tannenbaum last year. He should All-American this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    I love Marable, even had him on my fantasy wrestling team but I actually think he is going to have to get his offense going this year to keep himself high on the podium. He had ALOT of close matches this year and is the kind of wrestler (see C.P. Schlatter) that could come back to the field if he doesn't pick it up.

    That being said, Missouri is going to be right there next year at NCAA's until the final day. Should be a really good race between Iowa State, Missouri and Iowa. In fact, I think its going to come down to how many individuals that each team puts through to the NCAA's. If Iowa State or Missouri only put eight or less through, they are done.
    I agree. It will be very interesting to see how the new allocation system affects our predictions. Does anyone think the new system will make it harder for Big12/10 teams to get qualifiers? I suspect there will be several weights that the Big12 sends all 5. As I said, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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    Jensen you homer.

    With that said, I have Iowa winning the first 4 weight classes, Morningstar placing 5th, David Craig over Borschel in the 174 Final, and a Phil Keddy runner up finish.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    Nice to see your still clinging to some of your "Lehigh guy" vestiges.

    Although I imagine you could disavow that completely given where Craig comes from. You're covered on that end.

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    Now that we have a better idea of where everyone is going, lets try this again.

    Just for fun I'm going to try and go a little more in depth other than just writing 8 names down for each weight. So I'll probably just do one weight a day.

    1. Troy Nickerson
    2. Angel Escobedo
    3. Charlie Falck
    4. Paul Donahoe
    5. Brandon Precin
    6. Anthony Robles
    7. Zach Sanders
    8. Nikko Triggas

    I think Nickerson may drop a few early in the season as he shakes the rust off and gets himself more in tune to the weight again but once he does that I think he's the class of this weight. Shocked the world when he made the finals as a freshman, and then got dumped into the consi's as a sophomore on a stalling call in the ride out against Donahoe.

    Escobedo proved last year that he definitely had the wherewithal to turn it up when it counts beating Ness in the Big 10 finals, gutting out his somewhat controversial win against Precin after he hurt his shoulder during the match, then beating Falck in the semi's and Ness in the finals basically with one arm. However he's 0-2 career against Nickerson and he didn't score a point in either match.

    Despite the fact that I'm picking him to finish 3rd right now given that his worst nightmare is now at 133 it wouldn't shock me to see Falck take the whole thing home. He appeared to have carved out his path to the finals last year before Escobedo four pointed him late, and he's beaten everyone at the weight save for Nickerson who I don't believe he's wrestled.

    It was an interesting call as to where to project Donahoe. He's coming off 1/3 finishes but how he handles the controversy that is going to follow him around all year, as well as making sure that he answers all his eligibility questions will obviously be key.

    Precin isn't flashy he's solid from all three positions (probably best on top) and he just wins baby. He was almost majored by Escobedo early in the year last year, but then came back and had him dead to rights in the quarters at NCAA's. Took tough losses to Falck and Donahoe last year too. Best wins were over fellow AA's James Nicholson, and Mark McKnight both of whom he beat twice last year.

    Had Robles gotten a better draw last year its entirely possible that he would already have one AA finish under his belt. Its going to be interesting to look at what happens with him this year and whether guys can find a specific go to takedown against him. One would figure that would be guys' best bet as he's an absolute animal on the mat.

    Sanders had a better year as a redshirt last year than Ness did when he redshirted. He'll also be in his second full year of wrestling with Ness, Reiter, and Rivera and there aren't going to be many better situations for a lightweight in college than with those three. I'll be interested to see how big he's gotten.

    I've been on the Triggas bandwagon ever since last season ended. I've given my argument for why I think he AA's this year multiple times...already great on the mat, and has had another year to clean up his neutral wrestling. He brutalized Mark McKnight twice last year, and had Falck in a lot of trouble before he got five pointed and then gassed trying to fight off his back the second time they wrestled.

    Last two guys that I bumped off were Blanc, and Nicholson

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    1. Jayson Ness
    2. Joey Slaton
    3. Franklin Gomez
    4. Lou Ruggirello
    5. Nick Fanthorpe
    6. Jimmy Kennedy
    7. Andrew Hochstrasser
    8. Joe Baker

    I don't think Ness is going to miss a beat this year, and that isn't just the Gopher fan in me talking. 39 wins last year, got bonus points in 30 of them. Already weighed 146 a few weeks after the season. Given the Gopher weight training program and his own discipline (managed to hover at 131 last year) size and weight should be no problem. Has a win over Gomez and two wins over Fanthorpe from two years ago, both these guys obviously saw tons of success after moving up here last year. He may not pin as many people, but he may not have to.

    Ness' match against this next gentlemen will really tell the story as to where the power is going to sit at this weight early in the year. While I'm no fan of some of his antics I'll still give respect to the skills. Absolutely phenomenal shot off his elbow pass by, and he's underrated on the mat. He has losses to both Gomez and Kennedy but he also had wins over both last year. Given the tough tournament bracket he worked his way through last year he deserves to be up here.

    Gomez's only losses last year were two matches that he dropped to Slaton, one in the Midlands finals and one in the NCAA semi's. He also has a 10-8 win in the Midlands semi's. Did a great job rallying last year after not qualifying as a freshman. Gas tank is his only real semblance of a weakness, it almost gave away his match that he won against Slaton, he gets that right he could take it all. As of right now I think he's the best of the rest.

    These next three guys were tricky to place. I wound up going with my heart as to who to put on top of the triplet and went with Ruggirello. He started out the year absolutely torrid beating McCormick, Reiter, and Scott within his first five matches. He split matches with Fanthorpe winning by fall at National Duals and falling 5-1 in the Round of 12 and then still won the Gorrarian despite not AA'ing. Also took a loss to Hochstrasser last year and lost a few to Grey who basically owned him. Obviously brutal from the top with the bars, and has been wrestling with Joe Dubuque now for three years so I would assume his neutral work has continued to clean up.

    I wound up giving Fanthorpe the nod over Kennedy shearly because he beat him last year the one time that they wrestled. He took two tough losses to Slaton last year, and also fell to Gomez. He split matches with Reiter, beat both McCormick and Kenny Jordan twice last year, he has the win over Ruggirello, and then one in the bloodbath match over Baker.

    Despite the fact that he finished last year better than both the guys above him Kennedy some how wound up down here. He absolutely owned Reiter last year, and beat Slaton last year the second time he saw him. Went through a tough series down at the bottom of his bracket last year at NCAA's to make the semi's beating Marble, McCormick and Grey before falling to Scott. Seems to have trouble beating Michigan State guys. Simmons put it on him twice two years ago, then Gomez beat him three times last year.

    Hochstrasser will probably wind up sneaking up on some people this year. He was round of 12 as a true freshman in 2005 getting bounced out by Lowe. He redshirted last year and went 19-1. His only loss was to Joe Baker en route to a 3rd place finish at the Southern Scuffle.

    I think Baker winds up back on the AA stand again in the same spot as last year. As mentioned he split matches with Hochstrasser and also was 1-1 against Mike Grey last year, and then beat Ruggirello the one time that they wrestled. He had a bunch of not quite so good losses last year too though.

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    Default Re: 2008/2009 Preseason All American Predictions

    I eagerly anticipate Dustin Schlatter's predicted NCAA championship at 157, and whether or not you have it in you to fit two Gophers in one weight class.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

    One, two, Evans is coming for you...

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