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Thread: Skin infections

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    Electric!! Skin infections

    Hey, im wondering if anyone knows of any good products out there that can be good for getting rid of skin infections ?

    the wrestling room is a breeding ground for fungus and I need to keep my wrestling team healthy and wrestling this season.. Any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Skin infections

    I'm going to give this topic a bump in the hopes that someone can give Champ the information he needs.
    I see lots of products advertised on Intermat, etc., but I can't vouch for any particular product's effectiveness. Perhaps someone else can. Preventing contagious skin infections is one thing, but getting rid of them (or at least their symptoms) once they strike may be another.

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    Default Re: Skin infections

    well he posted 3 different topics with the same body, i replied to one.
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    This is the best guide I've read so far.

    Personal hygiene is key - shower with antibacterial soap after every practice and meet, no one goes home without a shower (unless you're coaching juniors). We're contemplating requiring everyone to shower BEFORE practice.

    Wash the mats before and after every practice and meet.

    Practice gear goes home every and must be washed in hot water, head gear and knee pads can go in the wash and air dry them.

    Skin checks before every practice, refs will do it for meets.

    We gave this doc to every parent and printed a one bulletin discussing their responsibilities to their child and team.

    It going to be real interesting come Nov with H1N1 spreading like wild fire on college campuses right. Refs will be on the lookout for anyone that appears under the weather. I'm telling you right, the sport will be losing some top tier talent to Swine flu come state and national tournament time.
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    Lotrimin [ clotrimazole ] is very affective on ringworm

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    Thank you all so far. showering is an obvious preventative but i can't hold thier hands and make sure they do that. like one man posted our school only has 2 showers and we have almost 100 kids on the team..

    I dont know if you've heard of a Defense soap but it comes in a bar and wipe form that i can keep in the showers and the wrestling room... I haven't bought or tried it yet but its supposed to kill the bad bacteria and keep the good bacteria that our skin has, unlike anti-bacterial which kills all the bacteria which can leave you vulernable to infections...

    before I buy it or find something else, let me know what you think

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    Hibiclens has a great product.
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    All the advice is great and true, but in all honestly I think luck has a lot to do with avoiding skin infections- that or geographic area maybe? When wrestling in Canada we were super careful about washing out mats with bleach before practices, showering right after, using antifungal shampoos like Selsun blue, and so on... and we always had problems with skin infections especially ring worm. When I wrestled in South Africa we were on totally disgusting mats where I was picking pieces of sand out of my knees after every practice (and avoiding the concrete pillars during ) and yet, no skin infections.

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    I used to live in Asia back in the 80s for about 2 years. I discovered a machine there that created acidic water, (pH 2.5) that actually was anti-microbial, kills e Coli. I bought & use it. You can't drink it but it will destory most infections without using drugs and/or topical ointments that only handle the symptoms & dont rid you of the problem. The machines aren't cheap but maybe you could find someone around you who has one 7 will make the water for you.

    It is actually used in Japanese hospitals & approved by the government there for medical use. Japan is the healthiest nation in the world btw. If you want to know more just let me know. Just a suggestion.

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