Good info here in a couple of posts from Eazee and Stove Pipe about guys who aren't freshmen but still may wind up redshirting.

125-Brandon Precin (Northwestern)
125-Brian Owen (Boise State)
125-Tyler Clark (Iowa)
133-Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra)
141-Ryan Prater (Illinois)
149-Darrion Caldwell (NC State)
149-Torsten Gillespie (Edinboro)
149-Mitch Polkowske (Northern Colorado)---Actually an LDS Mission, Not RS
157-Jason Welch (Northwestern)
157-Scott Winston (Rutgers)
157-Jedd Moore (Virginia)
157-Ben Jordan (Wisconsin)
174-Quentin Wright (Penn State)
184-AJ Kissel (Purdue)
184-Chris Honeycutt (Edinboro)
285-David Marone (Virginia Tech)

Derek Reber/Bucknell - Earlier this off season there was talk around the Bison grazing field that, if Reber didn't look like he could cert down at 125 anymore, that he might take the year off, which is the Bucknell equivalent of redshirting. Reber is from the town of Lewisburg, which would make his being out of school, but in the Bucknell wrestling room quite easy. I guess we wont know the outcome of that possibility until late August registration.

Tyler Sim or Richard Alacron - The Citadel likely will redshirt one of their two cracker-jack 125 pounders, Sim or Alacron. From what I understand, both could compete unattached in a number of open tournaments in the fall, which would give The Citadel's coaching staff until into December to decide which of the two would stay out of competition the whole season and redshirt.

Keith Koziel - I'm hearing from southern wrestling fans that The Citadel's 157 pounder Keith Kozel (Brandon, FL) is a likely redshirt this coming season, and that native North Carolinean, Justin Sparrow can't cut to 149 anymore and would go 157 the 2010 season.

Corey Jantzen - Huge news out of Harvard is that Corey Jantzen is sitting out 2010, and apparently will be spending some time freestyling at the OTC.

Jordan Enck - I understand that Jordan Enck doesn't plan to wrestle at Hofstra the coming season and beyond. If Enck were to not wrestle the 2010, then decide to return to the mat, say for the 2011 season, then I'd suppose that 2010 could be called his redshirt year.

Nic Bendelyon/Kent State - I did hear the possibility that Nic Bendelyon might RS the 2010 season and Troy Opfer/Steve Mitcheff would handle 125. Keep in mind that Dan Mitcheff will be a senior this coming season at 133 for Kent State. Then, come 2011, Nic Bendelyon will be moving up to compete at 133. Obviously no final decision on whether Nic Bendelyon has been made yet.

Chris Albright/Pitt - Pitt coaching staff told me that Chris Albright is too big to cert at 125 anymore, and with veterans Jimmy Conroy and Eric Albright both aiming at 133, it is a perfect year for young Chris Albright to take a redshirt.

Keith Dobish/Rutgers - I assume that Keith Dobish will either help out at 184 in 2010 and complete his college career, or, if he's not in the mix competing, he could RS.

Virginia Tech's Jesse Dong and Peter Yates likely will both cert at 157 this season, and, from what I understood earlier this off season, that one would start and the other could take a RS year. Now I defer to Earl, if he recently has been told differently. Now that I done said that, I guess I better hit "Post Reply" and mosey on over to Earl "Lineups" section and ck out the Hokies. -Stove Pipe

Should be some useful information for here in a month or so come Fantasy time, and prediction time.