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Thread: Gophers Rock

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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    I agree VA, though neither is terribly vocal. It should be interesting. I am okay with leading by example...
    Yeah DShlatter and JNess are soft spoken guys for sure. Humble kids that do their talking on the mat

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    HAH! Who said I was a lightweight??

    Unfounded hearsay.

    Plus I dont really drink during the summer
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homerdindon View Post
    I know Dietchler is a Greco beast (or just had one really really good Greco tourney, whatever the case may be), but that literally means absolutely nothing as far as NCAA wrestling goes. What has he done to make you think he is capable of making the finals next year?
    He won't and I am as much of a gopher fan as there is. 157 is loaded so hopefully he will qualify for the dance and then score some pts for the gophers which would be a big plus since he is unranked. As a greco wrestler he will be a physical 157 pounder I can guarentee you that. I think he will be hard pressed to even AA as a freshman. Mason is in the same boat but I think they will suprise a few. The Gophers will need D Schlatter and jayson Ness to make it to the finals for them to have a shot so qualifying 10 wrestlers is important and in the Big Ten that is easier said then done.

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    News flash: Clackamas CC coach posting on OR board that Geiger's coming back home and will be wrestling for the Cougs.

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    He's not on the Gopher roster, so this looks like its true.

    Looks like it'll be Eidenschink (assuming he manages to stay healthy) at 197 for the Gophers this year unless they decide to do something goofy with weights.

    Its weird the issues that the team has had with 197 since Hahn graduated.

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    Tough loss for the Gophers, alot of folks (such as on this board) had high hopes for him - any reason for the late transfer?

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    Mincey and Disney are no longer on the roster either.

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    Sure enough, again odd...

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    Are these just isolated departures or are they indicative of something more going on at Minnesota?
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