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Thread: JensenS Ranks/Predicts Big 12 Team/Individual: Wrestler of the Year Posted

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    Albert White RSed at NIACC last year so I think he might still be considered a sophomore eligibility wise.

    Lost; 197 will still be loaded. Everyone is back except for Clayton Foster. He is dropping to 184 this year. OSU will have a Russian whos name I cannot remember wrestling there. The OSU guys say he's very good, but why would they say otherwise.

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    Thanks for the info on White, I thought he might have pulled the redshirt his second year at Juco move ala Malamura and others.

    The Russian that is stepping in at 97 for OK State is named Alan Gelogaev. There is a Youtube video of him dominating Andy Hrovat pretty good (yes in freestyle) so he should be pretty tough.

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    I think I read somewhere that Albert White was planning to redshirt his second year of JC so that he would have three years of eligibility left at OK State. Not sure if it happened. EDIT: DIdn't mean to be repetitive -- I missed the post on the last page with the same info.
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    He did. Both he and Gelogaev are going to be coming in as sophomores.

    Benefiel may even still have freshman eligibility since he didn't step on the mat last year.

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    1. Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska)
    2. Neil Erisman (Oklahoma State)
    3. Chad Terry (Oklahoma)
    4. Nate Carr Jr. (Iowa State)
    5. Nick Gregoris (Missouri)

    I said it when I did my NCAA picks a couple of months ago, I'm pretty comfortable predicting a Jordan Burroughs repeat here right now. Just absolutely tore through the conference last year majoring the now departed Cyler Sanderson three times, majoring Erisman twice, and beating Terry. The only position that he isn't what you would describe as exceptional in is top and he really doesn't need to be given how good he is on his feet. He's able to accrue enough riding time with his takedowns to where he can get that extra point without being that great on top.

    Erisman had a really nice season for himself last year after not even beginning the year as the starter for the Cowboys. He's a guy who is solid on his feet both offensively and defensively but then really excels on top with his tilts. He spent most of the year once he forced his way into the line up ranked in the top 12 and I think he does it again this coming season.

    Like his brother one weight lower Chad Terry is another guy who should be a bright spot for the Sooners this year. He had a solid year last year as well, didn't wind up ranked quite as high as Kyle but he won matches and spent time ranked up in the high teens. Shane Vernon is a guy though who could possibly wind up in this spot, if he does I like him to perform at about the same level within the conference.

    Nate Carr had a decent season last year against outside competition but it may have been a little disappointing as he was pretty highly touted. He was teased as a possible starter last year for the Cyclones but Reader absolutely lit him up in their wrestle off and I believe in an early season tournament too. He's a guy that could see his stock rise this year, I don't necessarily see him winding up in the final in conference but I think its conceivable that he knocks off whoever the OU guy winds up being to get into the top 3.

    Nick Gregoris is another new Mizzou guy that I'm not particularly familiar with. He's had better results than the two guys who will be competing for the job in the weight class below him but he'll have some substantial shoes to fill with the departing Michael Chandler.

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 12 Team/Individual: 157 Posted

    1. Nick Marable (Missouri)
    2. Jon Reader (Iowa State)
    3. Stephen Dwyer (Nebraska)
    4. Alex Meade (Oklahoma State)
    5. Jake Kemerer (Oklahoma)

    Say what you will about Nick Marable and his style and his struggles at times last year but the fact of the matter is in the two years that he's been Missouri's 165 pound starter he has never lost to a Big 12 opponent, and given the caliber of the Big 12 at this weight the last two years that is saying something. He's always been exceptionally hard to score on, and two years ago he seemed to have a really good sense of finding TD's when he needed them. That kind of betrayed him at times last year.

    Reader was a guy who came in last year and really upped both his scoring output and his general consistency from the previous year en route to his second consecutive All American finish. He's a guy who is a smaller 165 pounder but he's got an active style that helps him out. Had some what we'll call trials and tribulations with his in-state rival Ryan Morningstar last year. I'll be interested to see that match up especially early in the year to try and peg where Reader is.

    I came into last season really high on Dwyer because of the Paulson effect and while he had another solid season he didn't quite improve as much as I thought he would, and did wind up missing out on becoming an All American again. He's generally pretty solid from all positions. Like Marable he doesn't have the greatest of offense off of his own stuff from the feet but he generally has just enough to win the matches that he needs to.

    Much as I would love to bump Alex up at least over Dwyer I've got to see him get out there in the early part of the season before I do that. Suffice it to say I'm really excited to see how he does this year. Much like Oliver I think you're hard pressed to find a better coach for him than John Smith. He's got great workout partners and coaches around his weight in the room, and he's had a very good spring this year with two marquee wins over Jason Welch.

    I've read rumors that Kemerer may wind up not enrolling at OU, and then I've also listened to Spates' interview on TDR with Scott Casber where he plays it pretty coy every time Kemerer's name is brought up. If so that'll be a big blow for the Sooners with Kemerer being as highly regarded as he is. He was the #1 ranked 160 pounder this past year, and a top 5'ish recruit overall. His placement here isn't a slight to him just a testament to how tough this weight is going to be. If he doesn't come, I would imagine the loser between Terry and Vernon at 157 comes up.

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks/Predicts Big 12 Team/Individual: 165 Posted

    1. Mike Benefiel (Oklahoma State)
    2. Jeff James (Oklahoma)
    3. Duke Burk (Iowa State)
    4. Dorian Henderson (Missouri)
    5. Andy Johnson (Nebraska)

    Benefiel is another new guy to OK State's line up that I like to have a big impact. He obviously has a great pedigree form back in the day, and then he had a good redshirt year back at Northwestern. Obviously didn't get a shot to show it in the varsity line up last year, but he seems to have landed on his feet here at OK State. Had a solid spring freestyle season, winning 79 kilos I want to say at Universities.

    James is a guy that had a good year last year spending most of the year ranked in the bottom part of the top 10 or in the high teens. May seem a little bit of a diss to bump Benefiel up over him with no varsity experience but I think Benefiel has more offense already and has more offense that can be tapped so when in doubt go with the guy that seems more apt to score points, at least in my opinion.

    Burk was a guy that was having a quiet but solid first season at Iowa State last year after transferring in from Northern Illinois until he wound up getting hurt. He was Round of 12 his last year at NIU, and then was in the top 10 until he got hurt last year. I think he's got a shot at bumping James out of the finals but I don't know if I like him against Benefiel.

    Henderson had a solid season last year as a freshman at 184, and now looks to make the same transition that Raymond Jordan made last year down to 174. With the caliber of guys he has in the room in Marable, Haynes, and Askren and then the addition of Matt Pell he's got the capacity to improve a lot really quickly.

    Andy Johnson is a guy like the Mizzou guys from earlier that I don't know a ton about. He's got some shoes to fill in the departing Brandon Browne, but like Henderson he's a young guy who's got a great situation in the room with the Paulsons, Burroughs, Dwyer, Ihnen, and Brester.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    1. Andrew Long (Iowa State)
    2. Chris Notte (Oklahoma State)
    3. Justin Forrest (Oklahoma)
    4. Troy Dolan (Missouri)
    5. Andy Pokorny (Nebraska)

    Dolan is a guy that had a rough year last year, and I've read that that may be attributable to weight issues and if that is in fact the case he may not be here in this spot this year. His best position is probably top with his leg riding, problem was last year he had a lot of trouble getting top position against guys so he could use his legriding.
    I've been wondering what's up with Dolan. I guess sucking too much weight might explain it. If he can get things under control he could do some damage. That's a big "IF", obviously.

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks/Predicts Big 12 Team/Individual: 174 Posted

    For some reason I thought that both Marable and Dwyer graduated last year.

    So 165 is pretty stacked as well
    Gold is an idiot.

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