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Thread: JensenS Ranks/Predicts Big 12 Team/Individual: Wrestler of the Year Posted

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 12 Team/Individual: 125 Posted

    1. Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State)
    2. Nick Fanthorpe (Iowa State)
    3. Todd Schavrien (Missouri)
    4. Alex Ekstrom (Oklahoma)
    5. Ridge Kiley (Nebraska)

    Anyone who has been around this board since the spring freestyle season started up should know by now that I am very high on Jordan Oliver. He absolutely obliterated the field at both Juniors and Universities this year, and then came out and won a bronze at Junior Worlds. He was 23-1 last year as a redshirt with his only loss coming to Cody Garcia (and he later avenged it). Just ridiculous on his feet, and after spending over a year working off the bottom against Coleman Scott and others I don't see that as a problem for him.

    Fanthorpe was a guy that came out guns absolutely blazing last year highlighted by his early season beatdown of Joey Slaton in the dual against Iowa. He had several nice wins at Midlands en route to making the finals there as well. He missed around a month of the season though and that kind of hurt his momentum a little bit. Still wound up winning Big 12's last year (I believe) but then got done in by the craziness of the bracket at NCAA's. I think Kennedy was the one who sent him home in either the round of 12 or the round before the round of 12.

    Schavrien is a guy who is just solid. He came out last year as kind of an unknown looking to fill some decent sized shoes left by Tyler McCormick and he did well for himself. Spent most of the year ranked in the teens, and then was an NCAA qualifier to finish his year off. Read rumors I think that he may not wind up being able to hold this weight so like with Dolan maybe you see him wrestling up a weight this year.

    You would probably like to give Ekstrom a redshirt in an ideal world but looking at the line up situation at Oklahoma this year he may not get the privilege. He's a guy like Forrest that I think benefits a lot from having Sammie Henson in his life from the start of his career.

    I flip flopped between Ekstrom and Kiley here in these 4 and 5 spots for a little while. Kiley is a guy who came out last year and had a pretty solid redshirt season. The only result that I remember in particular was that he won the Kauffman Brand 20 and Under bracket with a fall in the finals. In the end I wound up going with Ekstrom because of the higher pedigree and the Sammie the bull effect. Kiley beating him out next year wound not surprise me.
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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 12 Team/Individual: 125 Posted

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Texas doesn't have a wrestling team...
    I just assumed he was passively dissing Nebraska and Mizzou.

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 12 Team/Individual: 133 Posted

    Very good analysis so far Jensen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhs189 View Post
    Iowa State
    Oklahoma State

    Oklahoma is pretty depleted, If these are your rankings, i think they won't be very close.

    Probably more like this:
    Okey st.
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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 12 Team/Individual: 133 Posted

    1. Nick Gallick (Iowa State)
    2. Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State)
    3. Jon Burns (Nebraska)
    4. Nicholas Hucke (Missouri)
    5. Nick Lester (Oklahoma)

    Your defending Big 12 Champion, and returning 3rd place NCAA finisher is the easy call for the top spot here. Its been interesting in watching Gallick the last two years to compare him to how his brother wrestled. Both guys win a lot, but don't score a ton of points. Nick is better on top than Nate was, but Nate was better at finding takedowns off his own stuff when he needed them.

    Parks is a guy that came out and generally wrestled pretty well last year. He spent most of the year in the high teens and generally showed himself to be solid from all three positions. Showed some real explosiveness from his feet and from on bottom during the matches where he had it going. His biggest weakness was a lack of gas that popped up every once in a while.

    Jon Burns got pulled out of redshirt last year in January but only wound up wrestling 3 matches, losing all of them before going down with injury. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though because the three losses came to Kellen Russell, Keith Sulzer, and Frank Molinaro. Before being pulled out he was wrestling very well as a redshirt. I was very close to putting him up over Parks here, he's a guy that I like to do good things this year.

    Time for the first of two guys named Nick that I don't really know much of anything about. Hucke made the FILA Junior finals this past spring at 63 kilos losing to Boris Novachkov in 3 periods. Had a decent year last year as a redshirt.

    Much in the same vein as Ekstrom, Lester is a guy that you would have liked to give a redshirt to. Unfortunately with Zach Bailey going down to injury that doesn't look like its going to happen. So Lester will probably take some lumps this year, although in his favor 141 while tough isn't the absolute meat grinder that some of the weights in the conference are.

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 12 Team/Individual: 141 Posted

    Damn Jensen, making me feel like a slacker. Appreciate the time you put in. Should be a fun year in the Big 12, with some real big question marks, and very interesting to see how the year shakes out.
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    Is it just me or is the b12 really weak this coming year?

    Do all the 197ers return? If so that'll be killer, and obviously heavy as well

    But outside of that it sure seems rather lackluster.

    I guess 165 is ok
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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 12 Team/Individual: 141 Posted

    25s the weakest i've seen so far...

    not much depth really, although out of 5 times, if you have 2-3 quality guys, that's like having 4-7 tough guys in the b10 percentage wise
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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 12 Team/Individual: 141 Posted

    1. Kyle Terry (Oklahoma)
    2. Mitch Mueller (Iowa State)
    3. Albert White (Oklahoma State)
    4. Chris Hacker (Nebraska)
    5. Brandon Wiest (Missouri)

    Leading things off here should be one of the bright spots for Oklahoma this season. Terry's name may be best known as the guy who kind of sort of gave Caldwell his only official loss last year. But there is more to him than that, he's the defending Big 12 champion, and made the quarters last year at NCAA's before losing to Metcalf and then getting bounced in the round of 12. He should have another good season.

    Mueller is a guy who hasn't had quite the success the last two years that may have been expected of him especially after his pretty stellar freshman year at 141 where he spent some time during the season ranked up in the top 5. Regardless, he's a tough solid guy and this weight isn't exactly loaded this year so he's got a shot both here and at NCAA's.

    Albert White has traveled a long path to get to Stillwater, so it'll be really interesting to see how he winds up doing this year. Edit: He'll be a sophomore in terms of eligibility. As a freshman I know he won Jucos, not sure about last year. I know he did definitely take some losses last year though. He's got a fantastic pedigree, and with John Smith as his coach he could make the jump up into the finals here in the conference.

    Chris Hacker is a guy that started out last year with a shot at spending some time in the Nebraska line up but then wound up getting hurt and missing the majority of the year. Coming back this year this is about where I see him. With the caliber of workout partners he has in Lincoln though its possible that he comes out and surprises people though.

    Brandon Wiest is the first guy here in doing this that I had absolutely NEVER heard of. In looking him up though he's a guy that will be a redshirt sophomore this year. He had a pretty tough go of things last year. Missouri has another guy named Scott O'Donnell who apparently transferred in from Virginia who may come away with this spot as well. Both guys have been around .500'ish for their careers so far.
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