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Thread: Two new additions to ICCC

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    Default Two new additions to ICCC

    I am new to this board, I have two sons attending Iowa Central this fall and was wondering if there are any parents of that school that could give me some insight on the program and tips for California boys moving there. My sons are 197 and 174 lbs wrestlers.
    Thanks in advance
    Mrs Pica

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    Default Re: Two new additions to ICCC

    bumped your old thread

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    Default Re: Two new additions to ICCC

    Get a good winter coat. This school is a good one for grooming d-1 talent. They are a proven winner.
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    Hi grecomom, we also have a 1st year student/wrestler that'll be attending ICCC. I don't know how much advice I can give ya (winter clothes is a good one! haha) other than hopefully all the new recruits worked hard in the off-season. ICCC does an excellant job grooming talent and they are fired up about another National Championship. I've heard they work the crap out of the kids so I'm kinda going back to what I mentioned before...A good off-season will make a big difference!.
    Your boys look like fine wrestlers and it'll be fun watching them!
    Maybe we'll see you this Sunday on move-in day!

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    Grecomom- Give them some extra money for food because that cafeteria is horrible. Make sure they never let Moffit see them cry. Do not let them sign up for any b.s. classes and make sure they take summer classes in summer 2010, even if they are told they dont need too. Make sure they praise Billy Murphy. What weights are they??

    Flatout24- Have your son's take advantage of practicing with Phil Hawes and Joey Davis while they are still on campus.

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    Electric!! Re: Two new additions to ICCC

    They are 174, 197. What do you mean about bs classes?

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    bs classes are what I took in college. They allowed me to drink and party as much as possible while getting decent grades without putting much effort towards them. Classes like intro to TV and Film, music appreciation and ceramics. Now classes like those are great if they are relevent you your studies, but for me they were classes I used to stay in school for as long as I could. Jeez, college was a waste for me. Don't let them fall behind in their studies. It's more important than their wrestling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grecomom View Post
    They are 174, 197. What do you mean about bs classes?
    There are classes that Universities will have problems with in regards to transferring credits. ICCC will tell the student to maintain contact with the University they want to go to. But few students know where they are going to transfer to. So with that being said a class like "defense tactics" would be pointless to take....but in the end just get your Associate degree and keep a high GPA and they will be fine.

    Is Nick thinking of going HWT? Is he up in Ft.Dodge yet? if so tell him to start training with Hawes...

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    They both left today, and arrived in Fort Dodge! I will keep in mind what you said about the classes, and let them know!

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