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Thread: Shifting College Coaches Recruiting Paradigms

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    One of my assignments this week (working on Masters in Sports Management) is to "write an op ed (350 to 550 words) about a contemporary issue in international sport. Your topic should cut across sport and the international spectrum (e.g., fair play, international judging, doping and performance enhancing drugs, security, professionalization, commercialization, expansion, governance, ethics). Do not focus on any particular event (such as the Olympic Games); you could, however, include the Olympic Games or some other event or league as a focal point. Use the examples provided below to learn more about these types of articles. The objective of this assignment is to be "opinionated" and discuss your views on a contemporary and possibly conterversial subject related to International Sport. "

    Thought some of you might like this...who knows maybe it will work...

    Wrestling: The American Way
    Marty Bartram, Rhino Sports News, 23 July 2009

    Right now, there are over 2000 high school wrestlers in Fargo, North Dakota competing in the ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships, the pinnacle high school wrestling event, simply known as ?Fargo.? Representing 45 states, as well as an Armed Forces team of military dependants, these wrestlers compete in two styles of wrestling, Freestyle and Greco-Roman, also known collectively as Olympic styles or international styles. Hundreds of colleges wrestling coaches are there to get a close look at the prospects; many are actually coaching their states? national team. Strangely, none of these collegiate teams competes in the Olympic styles of wrestling; they compete in Folkstyle wrestling also known as collegiate wrestling. Last year, following what many considered a disappointing performance by our Olympic wrestling teams, there was an outcry from the wrestling community as a whole that something had to be done. Is Fargo the answer?

    Maybe, but I doubt it. Conventional wisdom coming from USA Wrestling staff, former Olympians, and America?s top university wrestling programs, and even from state and national online wrestling forums indicates that collegiate, high school, and our grass roots wrestling programs need to change. This collective body of wisdom says that these programs need rule changes in order to make collegiate wrestling more closely resemble Olympic wrestling styles or that high school and collegiate wrestling need to drop Folkstyle and switch to the Olympic styles. What a load of B.S. (Brittney Spears)!

    That undoubtedly is the most un-American approach I have ever heard of. What, we want to mirror the every changing rule of FILA? I just choked on my Starbucks wrestling fans! There is a better, more American solution out there. Folkstyle wrestling is an American sport, just like basketball (forgive me for saying the B-word, Coach D!), just like football, just like baseball. The only difference is that these sports have gone international. Just the other day I saw a piece on TV about NBA stars touring China and how there were basketball courts springing up in every neighborhood. Colleges adapted to this by bringing in foreign students to play American sports at American schools. These educated, Americanized, sports ambassadors, graduate, go home, and help spread the good ?ole American way of kicking ass in sport to other countries. Did we give up baseball for table tennis, Hell No! Welcome to State U, Son!

    So listen closely now, people. It is time for the college wrestling coaches to catch up to their peers; to expand their recruiting beyond the Midwest and Northeast fertile wrestling grounds and head to Azerbaijan, Romania, and Russia. Alumni, pool those frequent flyer miles and help your coaches find that young man who has no hope of a higher education, hand his mom a State U sweatshirt, a laptop and an internet connection, and bring that young wrestling prodigy to the US of A. Teach that boy the American way and make him a NCAA champion. Before you know it, FILA will be changing the rules again. Only this time, it won?t be a new push out rule, it will be a sudden death overtime decided on the feet, not by pulling a ball out of a bag.

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    Amen, and Amen

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    Good read!!!

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