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Thread: Kyven Gadson commits to ISU

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    Default Kyven Gadson commits to ISU

    First big pick up for ISU and KJ.
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    Nice pick up. Go Clones

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    What weight class and age did not see him ranked top 20 at any weight.

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    Default Re: Kyven Gadson commits to ISU

    Senior 171. He weighs 195 right now.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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    Kyven is the 56th ranked prospect in the nation in next year's senior class. He is from Waterloo West and wrestles 171. He is the first commitment of KJ's and hopefully more to follow. Gadson has family history with ISU along with two other recruits that hopefully KJ will land which are Michael Mereno (18th overall) and Evan Knight (40th overall). He has one rcruit locked in, in Gadson, and with these commitments from these other two will be a great start to a good recruiting class.

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    Its Waterloo East. He will wrestle 189 this year and either 184 or 197 in college. He was 125 two years ago and placed at state at 145 a year ago. State champ at 171 this year. Went 5-4 at junior duals and doesn't look like he went to fargo.
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    His dad was one heck of a wrestler at ISU. This is great pick for the Clones, and points to another strong recruiting year for them.

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