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Thread: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual: Top 11 Overall Wrestlers Posted

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    Default JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual: Top 11 Overall Wrestlers Posted

    You should take a shot at big ten individual and team rankings

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    Default Re: JensenS

    I'll do my best to get up on that tonight...problem is I'll have to guess at some guys and where they're wrestling at.

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual

    yeah, i gotcha.

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual

    JensenS-I take it it's taking a little longer than expected?

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual

    I'm trying to figure out where I want to go with generating this.

    I definitely would like to (and plan on doing) do something Big 10 related, but I don't know if I'm going to come and try and run down full line ups for every team so I can do rankings up to the standard to where I'd want to do them.

    I'm off work the next two days, so I'll get something up in here.

    Concentrate on something with the definitive returnees, and a most improved guy at each weight and/or overall in the conference for this coming year.

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual

    As I'm starting to put things together right now I've kind of come up with a template with how I'm going to do things. I'm actually going to try and create full (or as close as I can get to full) line ups for every team.

    I'll post each team's guy, and write a little something about each guy. Then at the end I'll have a few categories.

    Guys who may not be here: People who I've put down somewhere but still may switch weights
    Most Improved: Self Explanatory
    Best Newcomer: See Above
    Big 10 Final: See Above

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual

    Purdue snuck in a recruiting class from Hell-either Eppert or Cashe will be at 125 -Eppert probably needs a year as he was a 119 in high school so look for Quiroca at 125 and his former teammate at 133 .

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual


    BJ Futrell: Futrell was a guy that I enjoyed watching last year during Illinois' run of matches on BTN. He's a guy that came out as a true freshman and was undersized while doing it, but he was a guy that still wrestled hard and improved as the year went along. He's a guy I like to possibly break out as one of the more improved guys in the conference this year.

    Angel Escobedo: Not much can be said about Esco that you haven't said already. National Champion two years ago, and then came back to finish 5th last year after a tough go at times during the regular season. After a close match in the dual he did a nice job taking it to Sanders twice during the postseason. He traded wins with Precin during the postseason and he's a guy that he's always had trouble with.

    Nate Moore/Matt McDonough/Tony Ramos: This would be Tyler Clark had he gotten his release, but since he didn't this is one of the spots on the Hawkeye squad that is up in the air. Moore is a guy that I think Hawkeye fans are still pretty excited about him possibly filling this spot but the fact remains he made 125 one time last year and when he did he cramped up so badly he didn't finish the match. McDonough spent the whole year at 133 and traded wins with Moore over the course of the year, then Ramos is just graduating this year, but comes in as a very high profile recruit having made the Junior World team by knocking off Logan Stieber.

    Sean Boyle: This is just me guessing to be completely honest. Looking at Michigan's roster, and in looking at their willingness to wrestle guys as true freshmen in the past I think its a distinct possibility we see Boyle here. How he winds up doing, who knows? If he does half as well as his fellow Blair alumnus on the squad did a few years back the Wolverines should be very satisfied.

    Michigan State
    Eric Olanowski: It'll be interesting to see what Olanowski can do in terms of progressing after another year in the room with NCAA champion Franklin Gomez. He came out of high school as a 112 pounder so if he can continue to add some size he could have a solid year.

    Zach Sanders: I expected Sanders to have a really solid year last year coming in and he certainly didn't disappoint finishing 6th as a true freshman. He's another smaller 125 pounder, but it was something that didn't necessarily inhibit him like it may have possibly Futrell or Olanowski. Him being that small means he doesn't cut as much weight and that helps feed into him being so active on his feet which is his biggest strength. How his season goes this year will depend on what improvements he's made on the mat. He may be able to win a TD game against Precin and then force him to pick top, but he's got to get off the bottom if he wants to knock off Esco.

    Brandon Precin: The highest returning NCAA placer in the conference is Mr. Precin. He's a guy that doesn't do anything especially outstanding but he does just about everything really really well. He's got his kelly dump that he hits on just about everyone from the feet. He's got good technique from the bottom that allows him to get out from guys without being particularly explosive. Then he's arguably at his best from the top. Guy who just finds a way to win.

    Ohio State
    Nikko Triggas: Triggas was a guy coming in last year that I had pegged as my most improved guy not only in the conference but in the country. He just didn't quite get there in terms of translating his Greco background into folkstyle neutral technique. He was still at his best on top with his arm bar series. If he can make that transition he could make that big jump just a year late. I've read rumors that he may move up though.

    Penn State
    Brad Pataky: Pataky had kind of an up and down year last year. He is a guy that is great from the feet, he's a very, very active wrestler much in the same vein as Sanders and he actually beat Sanders twice last year. Those inconsistency problems came back to bite him though at the end of the year when he didn't AA and Sanders did.

    Matt Fields: Split time in and out of the line up last year with Akif Eren. Did a solid job at the end of the year though when he knocked off Triggas at Big 10's, and would have gone to NCAA's I believe had he been able to beat Olanowski in the 7th place match.


    Drew Hammen: I know Wisconsin had a big class redshirting last year (or at least I think they did) so this is a spot that may change but I'm running on the assumption that it'll be Hammen again. Hammen is a long lanky guy and can ride legs. Had a tough year last year, he cleans some stuff up from neutral and he may have a better year.

    Still Up In The Air: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin
    Most Improved: BJ Futrell, like I said I like how he wrestles and I think he breaks out this year.
    Best Newcomer: I've only listed two, of the two I like whichever member of the Iowa triumvirate to trump Sean Boyle
    Conference Final: Angel Escobedo v. Zach Sanders
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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual: 125 Posted

    And the ranking is...?

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