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Thread: Gannett deals blow to wrestling coverage

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    Thanks for clarifying.

    The idea of having a competitor print the newspaper isn't totally crazy or original. Here in Cincinnati, one set of presses produced the morning Enquirer (also a Gannett paper) and the afternoon Post (a Scripps-Howard, HQ'd in Cincinnati). This was called a Joint Operating Agreement*, and went on for about 20 years... then, the Post closed down about 18 months ago. Folks even in old-fashioned Cincinnati weren't reading an afternoon paper anymore. And, from the latest downsizing at the Enquirer, they may not be reading a morning paper, either.


    * I guess it's sort of like the joint venture between GM and Toyota in California, where a car plant turned out the Pontiac Vibes, Toyota Matrix and Toyota Corolla. Now that Pontiac is going away, so is this joint venture

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    Yeah, I know there are JOAs in Madison, Wis., and other places as well (at least there used to be; I've not been following closely), and I always thought they were strange. But speaking as a former Press-Citizen newsroom employee, and knowing how rabid the P-C management used to be about competing with the Gazette, I can't help being surprised. I know the current and former P-C folks I've talked to are, too. It was the kind of rivalry where if there was even a whiff of a rumor that someone was applying at the Gazette, there would be drastic repercussions. So it's in that context that I'm shocked, I guess. Of course, the business model for newspapers is much less healthy than it was even when I left the biz, so nothing should be too surprising.

    I expect the Register will make liberal use of Andy Hamilton's wrestling stories, so at least their readers won't be totally devoid of intelligent wrestling coverage. The Gazette itself does a decent job, too. We really are lucky in that regard around here.

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    This form of joint venture between competitors may become more and more common as the flood of red ink rises and the profitable area shrinks.

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    Another important facet in the decline of the newspaper industry has been the impact of EBay and especially Craiglist dramatically affecting the classified ad revenue. Classified Ads for decades were a HUGE revenue stream for the larger papers and they no longer have that to rely on.

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