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    Anyone know where I can find footage of all the 2009 NCAA finals ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kieranmalone View Post
    Anyone know where I can find footage of all the 2009 NCAA finals ?
    You posted earlier about wrestlers from the UK attending US colleges. You might see if you can contact one of the handful who have done so in the past 10 years. Jatadir (sp?) Singh competed for Cal State Fullerton I believe.

    Nate Ackerman graduated from Harvard in 2000 and went on to earn his PhD in Mathematics from MIT. The last I heard was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania and serving as a volunteer assistant. They can probably give you a good perspective.

    My friend John Mortimer may have contact information for them.

    Back in my days of competing in the British Championships I ran into guys that were Junior World champs and World Bronze medalists!

    Here is a video of at least one NCAA finals.
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