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    I saw a video posted on this forum of the 1962 NCAA championships, but I can't find it now. My high school coach Franc Freeman was on it. I would like to see that video again and post it on a Facebook group of former Bettendorf wrestlers. Any chance of someone out there posting that link again? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    I tried the link, but it directed me back to my original post.

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    Try this one off this forum:
    [ame=""]Dailymotion - Lutte libre - une vid?o Sports et Extr?me@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]


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    That's it! Thank you!

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    You're welcome...

    Here's a list of the matches and wrestlers in order of appearance, from Denny McCabe, SIU-Carbondale wrestler from that era:
    It was an edited version of the finals of the 1962 NCAAs, held at Oklahoma State.

    the initial bout seems to be at 137 --Carter of Oklahoma dec. Dotson of Northern Iowa 6-4 .

    115-- Simons...the tourney OW beats a tough cowboy, McCracken 7-2.

    123--Hatta of OSU beat Freeman (Northern Iowa) 7-4

    137-- please see the aforementioned.

    147-- Natvig (Navy) , the crab rider, 5-4 over Kirk Pendleton of Lehigh.

    157--Flasche (Northern Colorado) 5-2 over the cowboy Phil Kinyon.

    ***I consider both 147 and 157 to be upsets*** Both Natvig and Flasche were unseeded.
    Both beat up on the #1 seeds in their respective weights.

    167--Clinton OSU dec. Isaacson of Air Force 3-2. Isaacson had his head bandaged up.

    177--Another 3-2 dec. for this finals bout. The 1 seed Johnson of OSU dec. the 2 seed , Dean Lahr of Colorado.

    For a gallery of still photos from the 1962 NCAAs, including a couple of Freeman*:

    * I was unable to attach a pic of Frank Freeman

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