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Thread: Reaction to Sanderson coping with ISU backlash

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    It's a bullshit article...plain and simple. ISU will NEVER out recruit Iowa. Cael understands this. Cael is going to recruit PA, NY, NJ, and Ohio kids....and Kick Tom Brand's ass. If this was a chess game, Cael just put Brand's in check...we'll need three years to understand if a checkmate is looming.

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    Default Re: Reaction to Sanderson coping with ISU backlash

    Based on the incisive article above, I think I've pieced together what actually happened:

    Conversation overheard in the Sanderson household, Ames, Iowa (March, 2009):

    Cael (to family and friends): You know, I've been thinking, I can't win here. I can't beat Iowa. I think it’s time to move on. I’m thinking Penn State.

    Cody: But we have a pretty good shot at the national title next season with this (ISU) lineup.

    Cael's wife: Since when was beating Iowa the most important thing in your life?

    Cole: remember when you trashed Fulsaas in Ames, after which he trashed the trash? I mean, you embarrassed every Iowa wrestler who ever stepped on the mat against you? Wasn't that beating Iowa?

    Casey: If we go to Penn State, we would only dual Iowa every other year instead of every year as we do now. Hence, fewer opportunities to beat Iowa.

    Cael (clearly annoyed): you all don't understand. My greatest duty and loyalty is to the wrestling fans. And there's nothing the fans like more than a rivalry with Iowa, and the question of whether I can beat Iowa. My wrestling accomplishments are in the past. Nobody pays attention to that stuff. It's short-sighted to look at what we might do next year with our 10 returning starters because, you see, I give up. We can't beat Iowa. We need to look to the future instead--say five years from now.

    Sorry, honey, you know how much you and the kids mean to me, but, well, the most important thing in my life right now is beating Iowa and that's why we're moving to Pennsylvania. I hope you'll understand.
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    In a couple of years his move will make alot more sense to everyone . Look at Penn State recruiting already !!!!. He could have done it at ISU he just chose to be in the hotbed of talent. If you dont think so this year Pa champions AAU Elementary -Middle and High School. Not to mention all the talent in Ohio, NY, NJ. You are about to see by far the best teams Penn State has ever had.

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