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Thread: Iowa State Completes coaching staff

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    Default Iowa State Completes coaching staff

    Head Coach Kevin Jackson

    1st Assistant Chris Bono

    2nd Assistant Yero Washington

    Volunteer Assistant Nate Gallick
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    Default Re: Iowa State Completes coaching staff

    Wow, getting Bono to leave UTC to be an assistant is an impressive feat.

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    Default Re: Iowa State Completes coaching staff

    Yeah, I can't believe he made the jump. Considering he got passed over on the head coaching job twice, if I was Bono I'd have a hard time becoming an assistant. Still, I'll bet the pay is probably as high or higher than the head coaching job at UTC. He should help a lot with the administrative side of things, so all in all I say it's a good hire for ISU, especially considering that a few of the wrestlers themselves were wanting Bono for the head coach.

    Also being thrown around are names like the Paulsons, Herbert, Gavin, and Dlagnev to train in Ames, but even being the Cyclone fan I am, I would be shocked if any of them (save maybe Dlagnev) are.
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    Default Re: Iowa State Completes coaching staff

    I'd have to bet Bono was offered decent money and also the lure of being a "head coach in waiting" or atleast he will carry that impression for awhile

    Really question is who takes over the Iowa State of the south, UTC??

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    Default Re: Iowa State Completes coaching staff

    Yeah, the state of UTC is the worrying part right now. Brands, Seay and Bono is a short amount time - big name coaches but with people leaving so frequently does this prevent them from landing another big name? I know Bono made strides and started a freestyle club there as well, what does his departure do for that?

    Bono is the perfect hire for ISU...

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    Default Re: Iowa State Completes coaching staff

    Awesome news.

    AMES, Iowa – Iowa State head wrestling coach Kevin Jackson has announced that former Cyclone assistant coach and NCAA champion Chris Bono and former Columbia head assistant wrestling coach Yero (yah-ROO) Washington are joining the ISU wrestling staff as assistant coaches. Log into Clone Zone

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