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Thread: University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

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    Default University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

    It is a true shame that Michigan will not be traveling to Central Michigan this year for a dual. Last year Central traveled to Michigan for the dual and Michigan needs to return the favor. This rivalry has been going on for years. The sad thing is that I hear Michigan waited to only two weeks ago to call Central and let them know they decided not to come. Being this late in the scheduling for next year it has left Central in a bind trying to find an opponent on the level of Michigan. No other team will bring in the huge crowds that Michigan would have. It really hurts wrestling.

    The last dual between Michigan and Central Michigan at Rose Arena set a record breaking attendance figure. Fans showed up in mass. Michigan vs Central is great for the state of Michigan and the sport of wrestling. Central Michigan had all ready begun a marketing campaign to ensure a fantastic turnout. This dual would have set a new attendance record and is what college wrestling needs and deserves.

    Over the years the dual has been great to attend. I enjoyed watching the young kids and high school wrestlers cheer on their favorite Michigan college wrestling team. This year Michigan had a clinic for the kids and many stayed to watch. These kids bring their parents, grandparents, and friends who might have never attended a D-1 college wrestling match. They come because it is Michigan vs Central Michigan. This is a huge in-state rivalry that brings so much excitement that it helps build our fan base and grow our great sport. It's also the student sections consisting of the Central Michigan Rose Rowdies chanting back and forth with the University of Michigan Blue Crew. This is what makes collegiate athletics so exciting.

    Central Michigan and the University of Michigan year in and year out are two of the top teams in the country. I sure hope egos are not getting in the way of this event. It is not who wins or loses it's creating the excitement for the fans. Both teams battle and are well coached. I have great admiration and respect for Coach McFarland and Coach Borrelli I am sure they will find a way to make it happen. We have to believe and have faith. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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    Default Re: University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

    That is a true shame for the kids -they live for this match-2 years ago when Trevor Stewart upset tattenbaum I thought the roof was coming down -a shame .

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    Default OkieChippewa Posted this on Another Site

    OkieChippewa Posted the Following on Another Site:

    Say it Ain't So, Joe!

    Officials at the University of Michigan have informed Central Michigan University they will not be wrestling against them next year. A terse notification to the Chippewas by U-M Coach Joe McFarland halts the annual grappling matches between the two teams.

    CMU wrestling fans are in an uproar about the situation.

    Central squads have defeated the Wolverines in duals for three consecutive seasons. As the next annual meeting was scheduled to take place in Mount Pleasant, it is interpreted that block M has had enough. They have rolled up their travel mats and are staying home.

    This is an unflattering aspect of major college athletics. When a team from a conference of lesser prestige starts winning big, it becomes harder for that school to schedule teams from the upper-tier leagues. And you can just about forget getting quality non-conference contests at home.

    Many U-M fans are citing two different reasons justifying the cession of the series.

    One rationalization is the Wolverines get beat up during the Big Ten season and don't need to schedule another rugged match. Especially against a team that annually waltzes through the Mid-American Conference.

    The problem with this argument is multi-fold. First, the teams tend to meet early in the season before league matches even begin. Second, CMU's non-conference schedule is annually among the toughest in the nation. Third, the Chippewa's competitiveness in wrestling is nothing new.

    The other reason to jettison Central is an oldie but a goody. It's a "no-win" situation for the Wolverines. That point is indeed partially correct, as the U-M team has no wins against the Chippewas over the past several years.

    This tiresome mantra is reminiscent of Michigan football. A couple of decades ago, U-M said it was a "no-win" to play teams outside of the major conferences. Well that policy changed, so then it became that it was a "no-win" to play road games against such teams. Next came the home losses to Appalachian State and (gasp!) MAC member Toledo. Now the mighty Wolverines have relegated themselves to tackle D-1AA bottom dweller Delaware State (who incidentally just dropped their wrestling program).

    Here's a primer for the 99.99% of you who are unfamiliar with college wrestling and CMU's place in it. The Chippewas have an Ubercoach in Tom Borrelli. He and his staff have been grandmasters over the past 18 years in fully developing the talent of their recruits. Among the accomplishments include 10 MAC dual championships; 11 MAC tourney championships; 29 All-Americans; and the team routinely finishing well in the polls and the NCAA championships. Borrelli was voted National Wrestling Coach of the Year in 1998 and Central finished #2 in the national polls in 2008. They are the Gonzaga of collegiate wrestling.

    Michigan's Coach Joe McFarland isn't a slouch, either. His Wolverine squads have eight consecutive top ten finishes at the NCAA Championships. Such a feat requires elite performances in several weight classes. And McFarland supposedly doesn't back down from a challenge. Which makes his decision to jettison the Chippewas initially puzzling.

    This gets us to the naked truth. There are likely ulterior, self-serving motives by U-M for refusing to continue wrestling CMU. And it goes beyond losing yet another dual to the Chippewas.

    Central is now treading on Michigan's recruiting turf. Borrelli has primarily built the program by transforming good wrestlers into great wrestlers. As a result an increasing number of highly regarded high school recruits are now signing with the Chippewas. Among the eye-raisers are three-time All-American Wynn Michalak, who chose CMU over U-M; and freshman-redshirt phenom Ben Bennett, who reportedly selected CMU before anyone else could seriously recruit him. The Chippewas are even flexing their muscles out-of-state, including the recruiting coup of highly regarded Floridian Scotti Sentes, who promptly wrestled to an All-American status as a true freshman for the Maroon & Gold.

    McFarland is likely hedging his bets that by not wrestling them, he can resume Michigan's recruiting advantage over the Chippewas. Thus one can't "prove" CMU is their competitive equal. Plus U-M will no longer be Central's main visiting attraction in Mount Pleasant, whose matches have not only packed Rose Arena, bringing in much needed revenue, but are attended by impressionable high school wrestlers from across the state.

    The fact of the matter is U-M now has the perception that wrestling CMU is debilitating to their program. Read that sentence over a few times and let it sink in.

    One hopes Michigan State won't have the same epiphany. After all, the Spartans have lost eight straight to CMU. The last time MSU defeated the Chippewas the results were stored on a floppy disk.

    What remains to be seen is whether the block M's decision will backfire. Will the allure of attending a world renowned institution outweigh the elitism of which this action smacks? Many feel Michigan is subtly reminding CMU to keep its place as their lesser step-sister in the state. This begs the ultimate question: ?Which one might wind up with a glass slipper and which one could turn into a pumpkin?"

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    Default Re: University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

    As a Michigan fan I find this decision regrettable.
    Life's not the breaths you take, the breathing in and out that gets you through the day ain't what it's all about. It's the moments that take your breath away.

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    Default Re: University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

    <DL><DT>Email the coaches and let them know how important this dual is to the wrestling community. I think it may have been attempted to be scheduled as a triple dual with Michigan State, Michigan, and Central Michigan. <DT><DT>Name: <DD>Joseph P McFarland <DD>Head Wrestling Coach, Athletics <DD>E-Mail Address: <DD></DD></DL>Coach Tom Borrelli, Central Michigan Head Coach, Email:

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    Default Re: University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

    So, I decided to email coach McFarland and find out what exactly is going on in this situation. Here is my email, and his response.

    Coach McFarland,

    Being in the "wrestling family" has always been a joy for me as a wrestler, coach, and parent of a youth wrestler due in large part to being around like minded people who understand the brutality of the sport and accept it. We understand the sacrifices, the hard work, the absolute heart that it takes for a very special athlete to earn the title of "wrestler". That is why it so difficult to wrap my head around the decision to fore-go the dual meet with Central Michigan. I've read articles that have stated your decision was based on your team getting beat up, as well as not wanting to wrestle such a tough opponent for your out of conference schedule. If either of these statements are true, then I suggest you change the color of your singlets from Azure Blue and Maize to just plain yella. Wrestlers don't back down from challenges, they seek the toughest opponents and train hard to beat them. As a coach, I tell my young hammers that you learn more from losing to a tougher opponent than you do from beating a weak one. If all you're worried about is a dual meet record to save your job, then you are doing this sport a great injustice.

    Put Central Michigan on your schedule and inspire your men with the knowledge of the butt whooping that CMU has handed your team over the last three years. Use it as a motivational tool and watch your wrestlers work harder, sacrifice more of themselves, and build character that only a wrestler can achieve. For when they achieve victory, your program will take the next step to greatness.

    His Response:

    Feel free to give me your phone number and I will contact you to discuss. Your comments are out of line and way off.
    Coach McFarland

    So, I passed along my contact information to him. I'll pass along his side of this when he calls.


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    Default Re: University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

    What a bunch of pussies

    Michigan is always able to recruit a couple studs because they are Michigan, but the rest of the team is always soft. With the mentality of the people running the program it all makes sense now.

    I guarentee if Iowa lost to Northern Iowa, they would circle that date next year rather drop them from their schedule, but that is the difference between wanted to be the best and only wanting to create an illusion of being one of the best.
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    Default Re: University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

    I never got the call. Perhaps he thought I'd never pass along my contact info, and I called his bluff??? I don't know for sure. But if there is another reason why Michigan removed them from thier non conference schedule, then I'd certainly like to know why. It wasn't money or attendance...the place has been packed.

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    Default Re: University of Michigan refusing to wrestle Central Michigan University this year

    Looks like Michigan did drop CMU from their schedule. Will Michigan wrestle in the National Duals or are they going to puss out of that too since it is a rebuilding year? I will love it if they run into CMU there.

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