This is based on a roster given by TLV

125: This weight is going to be manned by redshirt sophomore Zach Sanders. This kid is great on his feet, although he has received some scrutiny for an incident (in my opinion overblown) in a match with Anthony Robles at NCAA's. One thing was clear after last year, Zach Sanders is the real deal. 125 has cleared out a little this year as well, but I don't think he can overcome Troy Nickerson and a healthier Angel Escobedo this year.

Prediction: High AA

133: This weight is going to be held down by the indomitable Jayson Ness. Jayson had some struggles early on last season at his new weight, but got so hot at NCAA's, rumors swirled that he left scorch marks on the mat. With Reece Humphrey and Jimmy Kennedy apparently leaving the weight, and Jayson holding wins over reigning NCAA champion Franklin Gomez, I'd say Jayson is a serious threat to win the 133 lb. National Title.

Prediction: High AA to NCAA Champ

141: Mike Thorn will likely be at this weight for the Gophs. Thorn showed a lot of improvement from his rough true frosh season, including multiple wins over Jeff Jaggers, who would eventually win his second NCAA title. Still, he strugled at NCAA's, and he is in a weight that is always a complete meat grinder. Because of the nature of the weight, it's hard to pin down exactly what will happen. I think Thorn is good enough to AA, but not consistent enough to get into the upper echelon AA status.

Prediction: Anywhere from 0-2 to Mid AA

149: Incoming superfrosh Mario Mason will be taking over this weight for the Gopher team. He had a successful redshirt campaign, although he did have a puzzling loss to Iowa's undersized 157 lber, Matt Ballweg. Still, it's tough to criticize results at different weights. The kid has a lot of talent, and he could easily AA. First time at the tournament is tough though, and being a 4 time All American doesn't just happen.

Prediction: 3-2 at NCAA's to Low AA

157: The prodigal son has returned as Jake Diechtler, a 2008 Greco-Roman Olympian, steps into this weight for the young Gophers. Having no recent folkstyle results, especially against college-level opposition, it's hard to know what to expect out of Diechtler, as the International styles differ so greatly from American Folkstyle. Two things are important to remember: (1) Jake Diechtler has shown a tremendous amount of talent and aptitude for wrestling, even if it was in Greco, and (2) 157 is loaded...absolutely loaded. I don't see him beating Jordan Burroughs, but other then that?

Prediction: 2-2 at NCAA's to High AA....yeah, it's that crazy and he's that much of a Wild Card.

165: Dustin Schlatter: The Once and Future King? It could be. The Mongoose returns to terrorize opponents two weights bigger then we last saw him. The massively talented redshirt senior is a bit of a wild card when you consider he moved up two weights, but still...I've gone on record as predicting a NCAA championship for Dustin, and I would be a hypocrite if I didn't pick him here. His defense is solid, and his leg attacks are quicker then anyone else at this weight.

Prediction: High AA to NCAA Champ

174: I believe it will be Cody Yohn at this weight class for the Gophers. Honestly, I'm not sure what to expect from him. I can't find his redshirt record. As such, I don't know if I can predict any big success for him.

Prediction: Misses NCAA's

184: Sonny Yohn, brother of Cody, is likely to be here. To be honest, this kid impressed me on more then one occasion last year. He was tough, and I think he makes a leap this year. It's a gut instinct.

Prediction: Low AA

197: Another superfrosh for the Gophs as Ryland Geiger holds down the 197 lb. class for the Gophers. This kid has been a monster, and he seems to win everything he enters. He had a great redshirt campaign. His main problem is tha this weight class is loaded. But honestly, he's been so good, I have a hard time, barring injury, seeing him not AA.

Prediction: Low to Mid AA

HWT: The most unclear weight for Minnesota in my mind. Ben Berhow capably competed at this weight, but Minnesota also has ANOTHER uberfrosh coming off redshirt in Atticus Disney. Disney had a solid redshirt campaign, but I have a feeling Berhow keeps this weight as his. Either way, whoever wrestles for them, anything can happen as HWT is thin all around. I say Berhow wrestles, and he makes AA. If it's Disney, I think he misses.

Prediction: Berhow-Low AA; Disney: 2-2 at NCAA's