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    Default Best of the 1990s

    To qualify, they must have wrestled at least one year in the 1990s.

    My list:

    1. Cael Sanderson
    2. Pat Smith
    3. Tom Brands
    4. Lincon McIlravey
    5. Terry Brands
    6. Cary Kolat
    7. Joe Williams
    8. Stephen Abas
    9. Eric Guerrero
    10. T.J. Jaworsky

    others worth noting: Stephen Neal, Jeff Prescott, Kevin Randleman, T.J. Williams, Matt Demaray, Les Gutches, Mark Ironside, Alan Fried.

    There is no logic behind my picks. I was bias towards the wrestlers that I like to watch the most, but I put Cael and Pat on the top so you all won't lynch me too much (even though I like some of the Iowa guys more).
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