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Discuss What YOU Can Contribute to College Wrestling at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; When we in the wrestling community learn that another college wrestling program?s existence is being ...
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    Default What YOU Can Contribute to College Wrestling

    When we in the wrestling community learn that another college wrestling program?s existence is being threatened, oftentimes, our first reaction is to throw our hands up in the air and say, ?I?m just one fan. What can I do??

    You can do more than you may realize. Here are some ideas...


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    Default Re: What YOU Can Contribute to College Wrestling

    Great ideas all. There seems to be an element among wrestling fans that feels entitled. They don't want to pay for internet content, donate to wrestling programs or support pioneering efforts by individuals and companies that try to elevate coverage - and thus - increase participation. The argument that we shouldn't have to go to such lengths to save the "world's oldest and greatest sport" just doesn't hold water. No, it isn't fair that most minor women's college sports aren't required to have any fan following (or even any participation interest among a school's core constituency) to be spared from "cost cutting" elimination. No, we shouldn't be held hostage by administrators who view our love for the sport as an easy way to fill their coffers. Well - get over it. If this is what it takes to ensure that American wrestling continues to grow - and, in fact - explode - it's up to all of us to contribute what we can.

    Let me add a couple of suggestions to Mark's excellent list. When you buy your season tickets, order a couple of extra - and then give them away to someone who normally would not attend.

    Get kids to attend - most colleges offer group or youth ticket packages at greatly reduced prices. Get 2 or 3 people together and buy tickets for a kids' wrestling club to attend a college meet or a major event like World Team Trials. You can also give them to middle school PE teachers or youth groups like Boys and Girls Clubs. Its more affordable than you think.

    I was recently watching a Gable video and at the end he says, "America needs wrestling. America needs tough (people)." I'm sure he's probably not the only person to ever say that - but he's right. Please take some of Mark's suggestions and join that special few fans that care enough about the future of American wrestling to work for its growth.

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