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Thread: Wrestling 411: Feeding off Jason Bryant's work ethic

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    Videos Wrestling 411: Feeding off Jason Bryant's work ethic

    When talking about Wrestling 411, it's hard to not look at the people behind the scenes, and in this case, behind the camera. Kyle Klingman talks about his co-host, Jason Bryant, and how his energy and motivation bring things to another level. Donate at

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    I'm confident that most of the "old time" TWT posters know how hard JB works to promote this fabulous sport. There may be some new members and -perhaps - a veteran or two who don't get it. Let me tell you - his efforts are tireless. He believes wholeheartedly in the need to get a Wrestling 411 highlight show on TV. He and Kyle have already made their radio show one of the best wrestling media outlets anywhere. Folks - there are people who are working their butts off and sacrificing much to promote "the world's oldest and greatest" sport: JB and Kyle with Wrestling 411, over a dozen contributors to the College Wrestling Network, Schlottke and Jensens to give us this site, Martin Floreani, our own bluestater, WrestlingTerp,ideamark and stardust who, literally, wrestle with solving the sport's challenges daily. JB said it eloquently a few weeks ago (and I paraphrase), we can't afford to sit back and hope that someone else will save our sport. It's up to each and every one of us.

    Thanks JB and Kyle. Thanks Schlottke and Jensens and blue and Terp and dusty and Mark. You are the best!

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