Match Date: 11/28/2007
Match Results for School: University Of Sioux Falls
Opponent School: Northern State University
University Of Sioux Falls: 7
Northern State University: 37

125: Surat, Corbin (Northern State University) MD Strand, Christopher(University Of Sioux Falls) 8-0

133: Schiley, Rick (Northern State University) For (University Of Sioux Falls) -

141: Schiley, Dave (Northern State University) FALL Cawthorne, Jacob(University Of Sioux Falls) 2.12

149: Fink, Koln (University Of Sioux Falls) DEC Hunt, Chris(Northern State University) 13-10

157: Bonn, Dustin (Northern State University) DEC Engberg, Eric(University Of Sioux Falls) 5-0

165: Bowden, Donnie (Northern State University) DEC Jarman, Brett(University Of Sioux Falls) 8-5

174: Pomranky, Derrick (University Of Sioux Falls) MD Grussing, Robb(Northern State University) 11-3

184: Cornemann, Cale (Northern State University) FALL Nelson, Brock(University Of Sioux Falls) 2.30

197: Naasz, Todd (Northern State University) For (University Of Sioux Falls) -

285: Little, Jared (Northern State University) DEC McKinney, Christopher(University Of Sioux Falls) 6-0