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1:*Coming this week: “Wrestling Wednesday” … and I are going to make a seven-month coverage commitment to the International Olympic Committee’s decision about whether to include wrestling at the 2020 Olympics and beyond.
“Wrestling’s Olympic Fight” will*launch this week with*a mix of faces and voices from that sport’s world — until the final vote in early September.
This will be a constant presence, for nearly seven months, to ensure the sport and discussion about its Olympic future doesn’t fade after the heat of the initial headlines and sound bites cools.
We’ve already received commitments from a range of folks in wrestling, and some surprise names beyond the sport, who will be a part of the project.*
This will include my thoughts, Q&As, videos, links, real-time Twitter info and more. The goal is pull in as many people and perspectives to keep the topic front and center until its Olympic fates is determined.
To contribute to “Wrestling’s Olympic Fight,” contact Register sports columnist Bryce Miller (
If you were one of the 40-plus high school wrestlers in Iowa who won a championship Saturday night, we want to hear your thoughts.
Submit your videos: Submit videos — 40 seconds or less — on why the sport has such impact and importance, and deserves to be remain a part of the Olympics.
Send the videos or embed codes to …
2: IOWA, GOVERNOR MAKE A MOVE … Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s office launched the project “Let’s Keep Wrestling” to gather petitions and raise awareness for the sport’s Olympic fight.
I wrote about the preliminary vote that stirred the pot HERE.*
Here’s the column about Branstad’s office jumping into the fray.
To find out more about the project:
—**** Twitter: @KeepWrestling
—**** Facebook:
—**** Web page:
Branstad talks about the “Let’s Keep Wrestling” initiative here:
3: LUNCH LINKS … Our “Wrestling Wednesday” page will include links to others covering the story, through the wrestling world.
Find more on these sites …
—** USA Wrestling
*—** WIN Magazine
—** Amateur Wrestling News
—** The Mat
—** Flo Wrestling
—**FILA (international governing body of sport)
And the International Olympic Committee can be found HERE.
The New York Times ran an interesting opinion piece from best-selling author John Irving, a former member of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. Read it HERE.
What do you think?
Will wrestling win the fight to remain in 2020 Olympics?Check out’s “Wrestling Wednesday” page this week — and let me know your thoughts on what we should include.
Follow Miller on Twitter: @Bryce_A_Miller
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