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Thread: 2013 Wrestling Tournaments Results, Brackets, Video: January 27th

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    Default 2013 Wrestling Tournaments Results, Brackets, Video: January 27th

    For 2013 Wrestling Tournaments Results, Brackets, Video: January 27th and many other topics visit

    This week HS Wrestling will be tracking a variety of events from around the nation. Below you will find all of the coverage areas HSWrestling.Net will be providing access to throughout the weekend. Depending upon the level of access we have to the event you may be able to watch live video, track results, or even interact with fans during the event! For information on the event, scroll to the bottom of the tournament list.

    *Wrestling Tournaments & Events*

    January 27th, 2013

    • *2013 CAUSA Bronze Clinic Only – #1 —– Fresno, CA
    • Archer Tiger New Years Beginners Wrestling Tournament —– Lawrenceville, GA
    • Big Rapids Wrestling Tournament —– Big Rapids, MI
    • Boxer Open Wrestling Tournament —– Forest Grove, OR
    • Columbus East Folkstyle Wrestling Open —– Columbus, IN
    • Evansville Central Folkstyle Wrestling Open —– Evansville , IN
    • Evansville Demons Youth Wrestling Tournament —– Evansville, WI
    • Forest Hills Northern Wrestling Tournament —– Grand Rapids, MI
    • Garden Plain Novice/Girls Wrestling Open —– Garden Plain, KS
    • Georgia Intercollegiate Wrestling Championships —– Marietta, GA
    • GEWC 26th Annual Novice Wrestling Tournament —– Gardner, KS
    • GEWC 2nd Annual Girls Wrestling Tournament —– Gardner, KS
    • Great Bend Novice Wrestling Tournament —– Great Bend, KS
    • IKWF Dual Meet State Wrestling Championships —– Villa Park, IL
    • IronHawk Wrestling Tournament —– Omaha, NE
    • King of the Mat Wrestling (MWC Wrestling Academy) —– Ralston, NE
    • Lake Fenton Wrestling Tournament —– Linden, MI
    • Lovett Riverbank Rumble Beginners Wrestling —– Atlanta, GA
    • MDWA Folkstyle Wrestling Championships —– Brentwood, CA
    • MSWA Youth Qualifier Wrestling – Mt St Joe —– Baltimore, MD
    • Munster Folkstyle Wrestling Open —– Munster, IN
    • New Palestine Dragon Folkstyle Wrestling Open —– New Palestine, IN
    • Normonco Folkstyle Wrestling Open —– Crawfordsville, IN
    • Northwest Georgia Beginners Wrestling Challenge —– Calhoun, GA
    • Oak Forest Green & White Wrestling —– Oak Forest, IL
    • Osawatomie Kids Club Wrestling Open —– Osawatomie, KS
    • Outlaw Wrestling 2013 Folkstyle Wrestling Invite —– Buffalo , WY
    • PDC K-8 Wrestling Open —– Prairie du Chien, WI
    • Rhino eXtreme Elementary Wrestling Duals —– Fayetteville, NC
    • Rhino Rookie Wrestling Tournament —– Fayetteville, NC
    • Romeo Wrestling Wrestling Tournament —– Bruce Twp, MI
    • Saline Wrestling Wrestling Tournament —– Saline, MI
    • San Diego SCWAY #5 Wrestling (Rancho Buena Vista) —– vista, CA
    • SCWAY Zone Warfare Wrestling II —– Selma, CA
    • SDIKWA Wrestling Open —– El Centro, CA
    • Southridge Mat Raid Wrestling —– Huntingburg, IN
    • TNAAU Red Devil Beginner Wrestling Tournament —– Knoxville, TN
    • Trocats Youth Wrestling Tournament —– Green Bay , WI
    • VACW Middle School Wrestling Duals —– Richmond, VA
    • Van Meter Youth Wrestling Tournament —– Van Meter, IA
    • Warhawk Scuffle Wrestling Tournament —– Whitewater, WI
    • Westerly Wrestling Club —– Westerly, RI

    * For Brackets, Information & Results – Go to and find your event.
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