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Discuss 2013 Wrestling Tournaments Results, Brackets, Video: January 28th – January 30th at the Breaking HS News within the Wrestling Talk Forums; For 2013 Wrestling Tournaments Results, Brackets, Video: January 28th – January 30th and many other ...
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    Default 2013 Wrestling Tournaments Results, Brackets, Video: January 28th – January 30th

    For 2013 Wrestling Tournaments Results, Brackets, Video: January 28th – January 30th and many other topics visit

    This week HS Wrestling will be tracking a variety of events from around the nation. Below you will find all of the coverage areas HSWrestling.Net will be providing access to throughout the weekend. Depending upon the level of access we have to the event you may be able to watch live video, track results, or even interact with fans during the event! For information on the event, scroll to the bottom of the tournament list.

    Wrestling Tournaments & Events

    January 28th, 2013

    • 2013 DCG JV Wrestling Tournament —- Grimes, IA
    • 2013 Northeast Iowa Conference JV Wrestling Tournament —- Decorah, IA
    • 2013 Omaha Central JV Wrestling Invitational —- Omaha, NE
    • 2013 WaMac JV Wrestling Tournament —- Solon, IA

    January 29th, 2013

    • 2013 CIML JV Conference Wrestling @ Indianola —- Indianola, IA
    • 2013 CIML Western J.V. Conference Wrestling Tourmnament —- West Des Moines, IA
    • 2013 Independence K-5 Wrestling Tournament —- Independence, WI
    • Luxemburg Casco/Depere/Pulaski Dual Wrestling Meet —- Casco, WI
    • WDP, Parkview & Washington Multi Wrestling Dual —- De Pere, WI
    • 2013 Indianola Middle School Wrestling —- Indianola, IA

    January 30th, 2013

    • 2013 Dave Schultz Memorial Wrestling International —- Colorado Springs, CO
    • 2013 Corning Youth Club Wrestling Tounament —- Corning, IA
    • 2013 Region II-AAA Wrestling Championships, SC —- Taylors, SC
    • 2013 Region7 AAA Wrestling Tournament —- Myrtle Beach, SC

    * For Brackets, Information & Results – Go to and find your event.
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