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Thread: 2012 Seniors NHSCA High School Wrestling Nationals – Results & Brackets

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    Default 2012 Seniors NHSCA High School Wrestling Nationals – Results & Brackets

    For 2012 Seniors NHSCA High School Wrestling Nationals – Results & Brackets and many other topics visit

    2012 Seniors NHSCA High School Wrestling Nationals – Results & Brackets

    NHSCA National Championship Events have seen hundreds of its participants enjoy illustrious college careers. Many NCAA champions and All-Americans and USA Olympians have competed in NHSCA National Championship Events when they were in high school. On average NHSCA Senior Nationals alumni make an average of 15 of the 20 NCAA Division I National Wrestling Championship finals appearances each year.* On average, they win an average of 7 of the 10 titles. 46 of the 80 2011 NCAA All Americans competed here when they were high school seniors. The 2011 High School Sophomore Nationals showed some unbelievable talent that is going to be a threat for years to come in the high school level and onto the collegiate level.

    When: March 29 – April 1st

    Where: Virginia Beach Convention Center

    What: Senior Folkstyle High School Wrestling Nationals

    Tournament Schedule: Senior Division

    Thursday, March 29, 2012

    • 2pm Coaches & Wrestler Clinic with Lee Pritts
    • 6 pm – 8 pm* Senior Nationals Wrestler Check-In and Weigh-In
    • 7 pm Coaches & Wrestler Clinic with Bryan Snyder
    • 8 pm* Mandatory Coaches and Wrestlers Meeting (Seniors)
    • 9 pm* Coach’s Discussion & Social

    Friday, March 30, 2012

    • 8 am* Clinic with “Mean” Gene Mills
    • 10:30 am* Senior Day 1: Championship Rounds up to the Round of 16
    • 3 pm – 5 pm* NAIA & NJCAA College Coaches Fair for High School Nationals Wrestlers
    • 10 pm* Coach’s Discussion & Social

    Saturday, March 31, 2012

    • 9 am* Seniors Day 2: Championship Round of 16,
    • Quarterfinals, Consolation Rounds, Semifinals, & Consol. Rounds
    • 9 pm* Coach’s Discussion & Social

    Sunday, April 1, 2012

    • 9 am* Seniors Day 3: Conclusion of Consolations and All-American Rounds
    • 1 pm – 3 pm* College Recruiting Fair at Virginia Beach Convention Center
      Open to all Senior Nationals wrestlers, excluding finalists
    • 4 pm* Senior Nationals Parade of All Americans, Championship Finals and Award Presentation

    ** For 2012 Brackets & Results, CLICK HERE
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