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Prosecutors charged four members of the state champion wrestling team with disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor offense. They?re allegations that have some people disgusted.

?Because this should not be going on it?s a form of bullying,? resident, Mary Repta-Kutil said.

Newsline 9 got this criminal complaint that accuses four members of the Lincoln High School Wrestling Team ? Zachary Benitz, Kasey Einerson, Rylan Lubeck, and Devin Peterson of dancing around the locker room without clothes on. The four boys are charged with disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor offense.

?They were naked and touching privates so no that is totally inappropriate, to me,? Repta-Kutil said.

The complaint goes on to say several other teammates witnessed the suspects trying to touch another wrestler inappropriately. This kind of behavior worries Amey Jinksi, who?s young son is a wrestler.

?I wouldn?t expect anything like that from Lincoln High School at all. These are older kids that know right from wrong,? Jinski said.

Newsline 9 talked to some people who question whether the four boys should be charged with more.

?If they are guilty, yes, because this was totally inappropriate,? Repta-Kutil said.

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