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This tutorial is rather simple if you have an understanding of the Firefox plugin system available to anyone who uses the Firefox browser.* If you don?t use Firefox or don?t have an understanding of the plugin system available for the browser you will need to learn how to use this portion of the browser before going forward.

With that said, head over to ?FLV Movies Downloader? on and install the plugin.

The ?Flv movies downloader? add-on allows you to download a variety of movies from internet from all major sites like Youtube, Google videos etc.

There are several ways to open up the detected movies list:

  • From the main menu: Tools -> Download Flv -> View detected movies (in FF4, press F10 for the tools menu to show up)
  • By pressing CTRL + ALT + f
  • By clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser (if you have an add on bar)

Whenever you are going to watch a movie, the link to the movie/audio file will be detected and will appear in the list.
All you need to do is to select the movie from the list and click ?Download file?. (there may be a pause until the movie is ready to be downloaded).
Please note that the files are downloaded exactly like any other files you download with Firefox. The other buttons:

Open Page ? opens the page where the movie was found. Clear List ? Deletes all the movies/sounds detected from the list. (Empties the list)

Hide me ? Hides the list. It can be opened again by using one of the methods at the top of the document.

Keep Log file ? By default, the extension saves all the movies ever viewed in a csv file in case you forget one of them and want to redownload it.
The file is saved in the Firefox Profile directory.
By default this one is:
Windows Vista: C:Users\AppDataLocalMozillaFirefoxProfiles
Windows XP: ?c:Documents and Settings\Local SettingsApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles?
Linux: /home//.mozilla/firefox
By checking this checkbox, all the links will be saved to this log file.
By unchecking it, the file will be deleted and the links will not be saved to the log file anymore.