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Pat Pecora is a fan of ?The Godfather,? and when it became apparent that he wasn?t going to be able sign the biggest wrestling recruit in the area, he borrowed one of the film?s most famous lines.

The Pitt-Johnstown coach made Evan Link (H.M. @ 112) an offer the Penn Cambria wrestler couldn?t refuse.

And Link didn?t. Link had already decided to accept a scholarship offer from Kent State ? he even had a Kent State wrestling sticker on his car ? but changed his mind in order to join his brothers at UPJ.

?Coach runs a great program and he?s a businessman,? said Penn Cambria coach Todd Niebauer, who wrestled for Pecora at UPJ. ?He tries to get what he can for the least amount of money, and that?s the best way to do it.

?He made Evan an offer and Kent State, a Division I Top 20 program, comes back with a 70, 75 percent offer.

?It seemed like the best thing, because they had his field and everything. He had the letter-of-intent from Kent State in his possession and Pat texted me and said ?I?m going to make him an offer he can?t refuse.? And he did. To have a full ride, how can you turn it down??

Link couldn?t, especially with his brothers Nathan and Ryan already wrestling for Pecora.

For Article by Eric Knopsynder, The Tribune Democrat