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    Default Craig and Owen Scott Commit to Cornell University

    For Craig and Owen Scott Commit to Cornell University and many other topics visit

    Palmyra-Macedon?s two-time state wrestling champions, Craig and Owen Scott, will soon join the big red in Ithaca. The twin brothers recently signed letters of intent to commit to attending Ivy League Cornell University this fall and wrestle for the NCAA top-ranked Big Red wrestling team.

    Both of the brothers are excited about the opportunity to attend Cornell, which is noted for its high academic standards as well as competing for a top-notch team.

    ?We spent quite a bit of time down there going to their wrestling club,? said Craig Scott, ?and we ended up enjoying it there.? Owen also agreed that they enjoyed working out and training with the club.

    The Red Raiders Most Outstanding Wrestlers for 2010-2011, Craig and Owen have made trips almost weekly over the past two years to train and drill with the Big Red?s Finger Lakes Wrestling Club, in a constant effort to improve their wrestling skills.

    Big Reds? Coach Rob Koll took and interest in the twins while they were there and soon approached them about possibly going to Cornell and wrestling for him.

    ?We got a letter in the mail and then one of the assistant coaches ended up calling us once they were allowed to contact us,? Craig added.

    For their first year, Craig and Owen will attend attend Thompkins Community College and study the core classes?math, sciences, english?that everyone has to take. Both will practice with Cornell?s wrestling team while at Thompkins but will compete only in open tournaments. The twins will be eligible to wrestle for the Big Red in league meets once they transfer to Cornell.

    ?It?s their way of ?red-shirting? athletes because colleges can?t ?red-shirt? in the Ivy League,? noted Craig. ?So those athletes go to the community college for one year and then transfer into Cornell.?

    Both Owen and Craig feel that they should be able to break into the Big Red?s lineup after a year of preparing (weightlifting and wrestling at the college level) while at Thompkins.

    ?I?m going to go 74 (174-pound weight class) and I definitely feel I can make the lineup,? said Owen. ?We?ll see. As of right now, 74 definitely is not one of their strongest weights, so hopefully I?ll slip right in there.?

    ?I believe I?ll probably try to go 84 (184),? Craig said. ?Right now, you don?t know. They have a lot of kids that could go that weight but they could also get a lot bigger too. We?ll see. I may have to wrestle some kids off (to get a spot in the lineup). But I feel I can really break into the lineup right away and help the team out.?

    ?We spent a lot of time in their (wrestling) room and we got to know a lot of the guys. We feel like we?ll fit fit right in. We just need to get a little bigger and adapt to the college wrestling style. I feel like that?s what that (first) year is for?getting bigger and better. I feel we?ll adapt all right. We?re going to spend the summer down there to get us more prepared for college.?

    Owen will pursue a degree in Athletic Sciences at Cornell, specializing in the field of physical therapy. Craig?s plan on the other hand, is to obtain a degree in business.

    While academics, sports (wrestling) and a social life are all aspects of college life, the twins are committed to excelling in the first two.

    ?If you really want to excel at school and wrestling, you really have to cut out a social life,? Craig said.

    ?We?re both looking to earn a (NCAA) national title,? added Owen. ?That?s why we?re going to Cornell. Everyone in that room is a multiple state champ. Once you put all those guys together, they make each other better. The coaching staff is great too and the resources are better.?

    The Scott?s looked at several other colleges, including Virginia Tech and the University at Buffalo, but in the end Cornell University won out.

    ?We looked at other colleges?Cornell felt right,? said the twins father, Walt Scott. ?The coaching felt right. The academics are more scary to us than anything. As far as the wrestling goes, I?m not worried. They?ll (the twins) be fine. The coaching staff likes them. They seem to take good care of their people.?

    ?It was the right decision for them. They knew it was right when they did comparisons to other schools,? said mom, Ellen. ?And it wasn?t that other schools were not acceptable. It?s just that the style there?it was the right fit. The alumni functions as a family. It?s warm and welcoming. It?s a community that supports all aspects of the college, not just sports. It?s all aspects.?

    The Scott family moved to the Palmyra-Macedon School District at the beginning of the twins junior year in high school and feel that the move was also a good community fit. Both Owen and Craig carry 90 plus grade point averages and coming to Pal-Mac gave them the opportunity to take advanced placement (AP) courses which was not afforded to them at Lyons.

    ?The boys are doing well here but obviously they had to have a good base. Here, as a community, they?re meeting kids that have goals for the future, more so. And it?s important to surround yourself with people that have those common desires,? Ellen said.

    With a desire to excel in the sport of wrestling, Pal-Mac?s success in their wrestling program and the work ethic in the practice room were also a draw for the twins and Walt.

    ?Brian Quick?s motivational skills were off the chart, there?s no argument about that,? said Walt. ?And I wouldn?t trade anything for that experience. ?

    ?I can?t thank Bill Hadsell enough for coming into Pal-Mac and taking over the wrestling program after Brian stepped down. He kept the program going day to day with his experience.?

    Owen agrees. ?We definitely learned from both coaches and they both helped make us better wrestlers.?

    Hadsell is excited for the twins and feels that they will also fit right in to Cornell?s program.

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    Default Re: Craig and Owen Scott Commit to Cornell University

    It'll be interesting to see how these two do. They are both very tall and skinny but I didn't see any strength issues with them during h.s., even against stiffer competition. If anything I would give a strength advantage in most matches to them due to their length and leverage. BUT, I could see them getting muscled around a bit at the next level with their current builds. If they are able to bulk up enough, they will create some very difficult problems for a lot of opponents with their length and riding skills but they may suffer a bit in the speed and power department, at least at first.

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