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As part of the premium services at HSWrestling.Net we will be rolling out a daily workout for our subscribers as an addition to their current membership benefits.* We will be providing this service free of charge to all users for the next month and then it will become available only to our 2,200+ premium service subscribers.* Premium service members will be able to receive their workouts directly to their email, phone, or HSW account ? depending on their desire.

Always remember to Stretch for 5 minutes or so before performing these exercises.

Warm Up

Jumping Jacks ? 50 Reps
Shuttle run ? 1 min ( 3 cones placed 5 yds apart) take 5 sec rests in between runs
Jump Rope (One leg) ? 100 reps each leg
Work Out

Stability ball (Hands on Ball or Bench) push up ? 3 sets of 20 ? 30
Split Squat (One foot on chair or bench ? lunge) ? 3 sets of 15 (each leg)
Swiss Ball Pull ups (Place ball between legs) ? 2 sets of 10 ? 15
Speed Cycle ? 5 min at 75% intensity
Jackknife ? 3 sets of 30
Hanging Leg Raise ? 1 set of 25
Bridge ? 2 sets hold for 60 secs
Front and Back Cone Hops (6 cones or boxes) ? 1 Set of 12
Lateral Cone Hops ? 2 sets of 15
  • How to perform a Jackknife ? Get into a pushup position with the tops of your feet and chins on a swiss ball. Pull your knees close to your chest, keep arms straight and squeeze your abs hard at the top.
  • How to perform a lateral cone hop ? stand next to a cone or box that?s 8-12 in high, Jump sideways over the cone, landing both feet together. Upon landing, immediately jump back over the cone.