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The moment, likely sometime around 7 p.m. Saturday night, will have a more poignant and final air to it than some thought it would.

Germantown?s Jesse Thielke* (No.1 @ 130) will likely become the 10th Wisconsin wrestler in prep history to win four WIAA state titles. There will be an announcement, an ovation and an acknowledgment of the likely sell-out crowd at the Kohl Center by Thielke himself.

He will soak it all in, maybe take a bow and then make an appropriate and discreet exit, where he will likely be feted by the media and fans who want to know how all this feels.

Thielke may be a little more gracious with his time, a little long in leaving this stage, because he may want to soak it all in.

Because two days from then, he will be winging his way with the U.S. wrestling team to Romania and Bulgaria for an international Greco-Roman tournament, which is nothing new to him.

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