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Public Relations in Wrestling

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by , 07-23-2008 at 06:00 PM (3879 Views)
I think wrestling could have a better fan base and better image if coaches and colleges represented their teams better.

Sure the way information is presented now is great for people already in the wrestling community.

News papers don't run a lot of wrestling stories because when something significant happens a coach calls in that "this anonymous wrestler beat that anonymous wrestler at this place at that time" and for the people not already interested in the story, they just don't care.

There was a guy from Sherwood Highschool in Olny Maryland named Anthony Gigliotti (sp?) Who was stabbed over the summer before his junior year. He missed half the season recovering and then came back to place second in State.

Only the local wrestling community knew about this story because no one thought that this human interest story could be the type of thing to familiarize people with the sport and drum up public interest.

There are 4 time state champions, and families with multiple brothers who have won state, and a million other occurrences that go on within the wrestling world that would make great human interest stories.

If these stories were presented properly to the right members of the media, our sport would receive more national recognition from the news, which would increase participation and perhaps make it more of a big deal to everyone else when a University decided to drop their program.