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Richard Fessler's College Wrestling Journal

Tuesday's Training-11/11/08

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by , 11-12-2008 at 01:01 AM (4314 Views)
Today's training was about 2 hours long and it was tough.

Of course we started out with a light jog for about ten minutes and then moved right into hard drilling for twenty-thirty minutes.
After the drilling session we wrestled live for 30 minutes, takedowns only. Then we moved into one 7 minute match.
We then finished off the practice with fifteen minute jog with sprints in between.


  1. goferphan's Avatar
    Good stuff. Good to see some things never change. LOL.
  2. goferphan's Avatar
    Good to see you back on the mats. You were one of the bright lights to come out of Apple Valley. I was there in 85-87. Good luck this year.