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Richard Fessler's College Wrestling Journal


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by , 10-22-2008 at 10:24 PM (1802 Views)
My name is Richard Fessler. I went to Apple Valley High School and graduated in 2005. I have decided to return to school to continue my education and wrestling career. This year I am attending Ellsworth College, which is a part of the NJCAA division. I will be posting a blog two times a week to inform about the training and other things I will be doing to make it to nationals and do well at the tournament. I am working hard and doing well with my academics, which is most important. I will be majoring in International Business Marketing and Management, and possibly a minor in Italian. Getting a good education is important to me so that after my college career, I will be able to go out into the real world to have a great and prosperous career.


  1. goferphan's Avatar
    Nice to see you are back on the mat's Richard. You were one of the bright lights to come out of Apple Valley. I was there in 85-87. Good luck to you.