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A land before wrestling. . .

Info from coaches, coaches' wives, and community members.

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by , 09-05-2011 at 10:02 PM (4753 Views)
I've been able to talk to several people from the community that were involved with wrestling during the last go around and it's been fairly informative. I have not had a chance to speak with the last head coach (though I talked to his wife quite a bit) because he's working out of town right now, but I have spoken to the assistant coach, and his wife (a former teacher in the local high school) as well as the coach's wife I mentioned above.

I have not yet spoken to the school administration. I want to make that initial contact in person and after I've done a bit more leg work and have a detailed plan with some goals to take to them. I want them to realize that I'm committed to seeing this through for the long haul and that I'm willing to work with them in a professional manner. I want them to take me serious and to know that I am serious.

So here's what I have learned from speaking to others:

They had roughly 70 kids showing up every week for kids club wrestling (that includes two towns from a neighboring county)
There was never a junior high program to speak of.
There is an "old" mat somewhere that we may be able to use.
Their nice new competition mat (7 strip) is in Crook County with the Smith Rock wrestling club, except for one strip that cheerleaders are using for practice.
Once the kids program was cut the high school program dwindled and died (duh).
There were two coaches that did it all (with the help of their wives, one of them coached a kids club on her own) and when they couldn't find someone to take over the kids program they let it die.
The administration cut the program and the last coach didn't leave on very good terms with the current administration.
Surprise, surprise, surprise, money will be a serious issue. Budgets are tight and getting tighter. If we want to spend any money then we'll need to raise it ourselves.
I need to get in touch with some neighboring clubs still and eventually make a trip over to visit with the school administration. I've been working on creating some goals for the program. I'm a big goal person and if I have something to work towards and a definite end point then I'll push myself a lot harder to reach it. I think that I've got the goals set but I'm a little hesitant to share them with anyone because half the time I think they are delusions of grandeur and the rest of the time I don't think they're lofty enough. Maybe I'll grow a pair and post them tomorrow, maybe I'll find another excuse and think of something better to write about.

If you've ever been in my shoes and started a program let me know I'd love to pick your brain if you don't mind, and feel free to offer up any advice.