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A land before wrestling. . .

Where do I begin?

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by , 08-29-2011 at 09:28 PM (1845 Views)
The position is officially closed--they're not taking any more applications. The hiring committee should have all the resumes by this Friday and I'm sure that interviews will follow soon after. On a side note why the heck do people applying for a job in Oregon have to send their resumes to Kansas City for them to be reviewed and then sent back to Oregon again? How idiotic is that? Did someone ask if it was a government job? Why yes it is.

Back to wrestling. I have no idea where to begin with starting a wrestling program. Here's the questions I am going to try to answer first:
There used to be a wrestling program at the school, what happened to it?
How willing is the administration going to be to letting a program back into the school?
Is there a mat? Whose mat is it?
Is there interest at the high school level or do I need to start ginning up interest with youth before a high school team is possible?
Will the community support us?
Am I really ready to dive headfirst into this? That one I can answer: Absolutely I am, I can't imagine doing anything else. If I'm going to live in a community then I'm going to have a wrestling team to support, and if they'll have me coach. The real question is: Is my wife ready for this?