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A Guide to Purchasing Wrestling Shoes

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by , 07-23-2008 at 05:06 PM (4085 Views)
Wrestling is one of the world's oldest sports, but wrestling shoes have come a long way since ancient Greece. Today's wrestlers have many options when buying footwear.

Wrestlers of both sexes wear special lace-up shoes with high ankles designed to increase their mobility and flexibility. Wrestling shoes are light and flexible in order to provide maximum comfort and movement.

Finding the Correct Size

Wrestling shoes generally run a half to a full size larger than your regular shoe size. Remember that new wrestling shoes will stretch, so choose a fit that is fairly snug.

Keep in mind that comfort is extremely important. Look for a shoe that features a good rubber sole and high ankle support.

While wrestling shoes aren't available in wide widths, some brands are cut wider than others.

Because sizes vary from brand to brand, it's best to make your first purchase in person. Try on several different brands and ask the salesperson for advice.

Once you've found a shoe you like, you can make future purchases online.

Choosing a Brand of Wrestling Shoes

Major brands of men's wrestling shoes include Asics, Nike, Adidas, Infinity and Brute. Reebok and Asics offer wrestling shoe styles for women.

Wrestling shoes are available both online and at retail sporting goods stores. They range in price from $35 to $130 and more.

Sporting goods stores usually stock wrestling shoes for the beginner or intermediate levels. Specialty catalogues offer elite models.

Beginners should choose a moderately priced wrestling shoe or consider purchasing a used pair from a teammate. A new, good-quality shoe will normally last a year or two depending on how much you wrestle.

Wrestling Shoe Colors and Styles

Manufacturers offer a selection of colors. Black, red and blue are standard, but shoes are increasingly available in orange, green, gray, silver and white with contrasting color trim. Women?s styles are also available in pink and other pastels. Pick a color you like or that matches your other gear.

Wrestling shoes feature either a split or non-split sole. For better traction and a bit more comfort, choose a split sole. Materials used for wrestling shoes include leather, mesh and synthetic fabrics.

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