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Why FloNationals is the Best National Tournament to Attend

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by , 07-04-2010 at 01:00 PM (2617 Views)

When I was a senior in high school my goal was to get a full ride to Arizona State. You, your child, or one of your athletes may have a similar dream and I'm going to explain why choosing to attend FloNationals in the future could be a major building block towards attaining that goal.

Now, if you're focused on this goal, you should already know that Fargo and NHSCA Sr. Nationals are the two key events to win or place well at if you're looking to earn a scholarship of some kind at this time. I believe that is changing. Rapidly.

FloNationals, run by FloWrestling founder Martin Floreani, started last year and didn't blow anyone's mind in terms of turn out or quality of competition. What they did do was advertise their national champions on their site's front page ever since. By the 4th of July I can assure you that college coaches know more names of the FloNationals champions than any other tournament as a result. At just 5,000 front page visitors per day the champions at FloNationals received 500,000 views since winning the tournament - there is no where near that level of publicity for the competing events.

College coaches don't have some magic wand to find wrestlers. They use the same resources you and I have access to in order to track down results and tournament winners.

The major tool for recruiting now is FloWrestling. Coaches don't have to travel the country anymore to watch someone wrestle or have a match tape sent out.

FloWrestling provides coaches with tens of thousands of wrestling videos to review while recruiting and Flo covers their tournament with a ridiculous amount of detail. While other events may charge to view the finals FloWrestling gives away this recruiting gold and promotes you or your athlete in the process.

If NHSCA is on the same weekend next year and I were a senior still looking for a scholarship I'd still have to pick the NHSCA this coming season. Because NHSCA Sr. Nationals still has a foothold on the top level Seniors just a finals appearance can earn you a scholarship (I got a full ride to ASU by making it to the finals and losing to Zack Esposito.)

If I'm an underclassman FloNationals is the event I would attend without question.

Getting name recognition early on is essential in winning a scholarship. By attending a tournament that publicizes it's champions as much as FloNationals does when you're an underclassman you get your name out there early and create the opportunity to be covered more by FloWrestling after the tournament. You also get noticed by hundreds of thousands of wrestling fans that will remember your name and spread it around on message boards, to other coaches, and at other tournaments.
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