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Basic Principles from your Feet

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by , 06-05-2010 at 06:28 PM (2014 Views)
Principles from the feet

  • Keep shoulders, knees, and toes in line (vertically) in both a square and staggered stance
  • Perfect your penetration step
  • Elevation change - ducks and high crotch
  • Sprawl with feet back and hips in
    • Weight should be applied to your opponent with your hips

  • Keep position while circling and don?t go to extremes
    • Don?t over expose yourself while moving

Drills to improve these principles:

  • In/Out Penetration (step in and back out without losing position)
  • Circle Sprawl (constant motion sprawling while circling away from your opponent)
  • Wall Sit (up against a wall, knees at right angle)
  • Wall penetration (penetrate by exploding into a *padded* wall.)
  • Shot/Sprawl drill (in video)

The six basic principles of the Step Back:
  • Single Dumps
    • Squat Back, circle.

  • Stand up escapes
    • Lead with back.

  • Duck-unders generally require a step back to circle behind for takedown
  • 2 on 1 control-circling
  • Front headlock Sprawl
  • Over and Under Sprawl

The five basic principles of Head Position:
  • Use a solid, low stance with head pressure for set-up and defense
  • Use power penetrations to the center of your opponent for doubles, singles, high-crotches, etc
  • Keep tight side pressure for head outside singles
  • When your head is trapped you must work to keep the hips free and moving.
    • This is essential for low singles/doubles, and countering front headlocks.

  • Where the head goes, the body follows.
    • This is essential when dealing with sag headlocks and for maintain balance in general.


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