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  1. Message #90 - Winning Doesn't Need to be Pretty. Just WIN!

    by , 08-26-2009 at 10:25 AM
    Keep the goal simple. Example; My goal is to win this match vs. My goal is to be the OW.
    Nothing wrong with being the OW.

    In fact in my entire career I've only won that 3 times. Once was in high school. Once in college. Once in Freestyle.

    My goal was always to win. Getting my hand raised was my single concern, consequently my matches were not that exciting, but there wasn't much doubt as to who was going to win.

    Remember K.I.S.S Principle!
    This ...
  2. Message #87 - Want to Improve your Performance...?

    by , 07-01-2009 at 03:05 PM
    Keep a Consistent and Focused Goal Oriented Attitude!

    Attitude is defined as "a mental position (or a feeling or emotion) with regard to something".

    Most of us are quick to let a negative circumstance change our attitude and feelings about something. This type of attitude, unfortunately, is determined by circumstance and not really focused on a particular goal or outcome.

    Therefore when our circumstance does our attitude. Circumstances ...
  3. Message #80 - Focus on the win, not the opponent

    by , 09-09-2008 at 11:41 PM
    Visualize the VICTORY not the PRESSURE you feel...</SPAN>

    You have to completely embrace the idea that with all accomplishment there is PRESSURE. In fact the greater the accomplishment...the greater the pressure...I agree with Billie Jean King, perhaps the greatest female tennis player ever, that "Pressure is a Privilege".

    I'll take it a step further. "PRESSURE IS THE PRIVILEGE OF CHAMPIONS". If you really want to be a champion...start accepting ...

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  4. Message #76 - The One Thing All Successful People Have...

    by , 08-03-2008 at 06:24 PM
    I'll Illustrate This Point With A Story I Learned From Dr. Rob Gilbert, Co-author of my CD Series entitled "The Psychology of Winning Wrestling
    "The story takes place on a hot day ? 120 degrees in the shade. And it takes place in a railroad yard and this crew is out there with their pick axes and shovels and sweating and working on the rails. Then out of the office comes the president of the company, Bill McClanahan. He looks over at his crew and ...
  5. Message #74 - How do you make a CHANGE in your LIFE?

    by , 07-21-2008 at 09:32 PM
    It All About Being Able to Change......

    When you change your thinking, You change your beliefs;

    When you change your beliefs, You change your expectations;

    When you change your expectations, You change your attitude;

    When you change your attitude, You change your behavior;

    When you change your behavior, You change your performance;

    When you change your performance, You change your life!

    This ...
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