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2011 Mid-Season All American Predictions: 197

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by , 01-24-2011 at 09:54 AM (722 Views)

1. Dustin Kilgore (Kent State)
2. Cam Simaz (Cornell)
3. Trevor Brandvold (Wisconsin)
4. Clayton Foster (Oklahoma State)
5. Sonny Yohn (Minnesota)
6. Anthony Biondo (Michigan)
7. Brent Haynes (Missouri)
8. Cayle Byers (George Mason)
R12. Zack Giesen (Stanford), Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh), Jerome Ward (Iowa State), Michael Salopek (Virginia)

Mid Season
1. Dustin Kilgore (Kent State)
2. Cam Simaz (Cornell)
3. Clayton Foster (Oklahoma State)
4. Trevor Brandvold (Wisconsin)
5. Sonny Yohn (Minnesota)
6. Matt Powless (Indiana)
7. Micah Burak (Pennsylvania)
8. Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh)
R12. Zack Giesen (Stanford), Joe Kennedy (Lehigh), Logan Brown (Purdue), Brent Haynes (Missouri)

Despite the fact that he had a pretty bad go of things at the Southern Scuffle, right now I'm still sticking with my preseason pick of Kilgore to win this weight class because other than the two matches that he dropped there to Byers and Burak he's been pretty lights out so far over the course of the year. So far this year he's got a wild 10-9 win over Simaz in the Body Bar finals in what has really been the match of the year so far at the halfway point. He's got wins over Ward, Salopek, Thomusseit, Hanke, Kennedy and Brown. The biggest thing for him going forward is the same thing that he's always been, he's got to take his time and stay within himself especially when he's wrestling from the feet. He's still got a little bit of a tendency to try and rush his attacks from neutral (he likes to try and force his cradle too while we're at it) and it wound up costing him in his match against Byers.

Cam Simaz has come in this year and had another stellar season after finishing 3rd at NCAA's last year, the one thing that kind of sticks out about him right now though is that he's wrestling on a pretty gimpy knee right now and you wonder how he's going to handle that as he moves through out the year. So far this year he's won the Vegas and Southern Scuffle tournaments, then finishing as I've already mentioned as the runner up to Kilgore at the Body Bar tournament. So far this year he's got two majors over Powless, a major over Biondo, and then other wins over Burak, Brown, and Byers. Assuming he's able to stay healthy enough to wrestle at his normal high level based off their result early in the year he's right there with Kilgore as far as a national title candidate.

Coming back up here to this weight class after spending last year at 184, Clayton Foster has had a great year so far sitting currently as the only undefeated wrestler at this weight class (technically Brandvold is undefeated too, but he's only wrestled four matches) here at the halfway point of the season. He competed in the All Star match to start the season off continuing his dominance over Sonny Yohn recording a pretty comfortable decision win, he beat Yohn again a few weeks later in a dual meet. Matches between him and Yohn seem like they're going to shake out the same way with Foster being able to get the TD's and then get away from Yohn. Makes him tough to beat. He's also got a pair of wins over Jerome Ward, including one by fall. Then he's also beaten Brown, and he's got a major over Haynes. Had a close one recently against Luke Lofthouse where he struggled to get his offense going. Despite the fact that he's wrestled so well this year, I don't know if I see any upset possibilities in terms of him knocking off one of the two guys above him and crashing the finals. I think 3rd is about his upside here.

Brandvold sits here as our second (and by my count there are two other guys who this will apply to on this list) walking wounded guy on the list, and he's been even more affected by it than Simaz as he's only wrestled four times so far this year and has missed Wisconsin's two big tournaments out in Vegas and at Midlands. His best win so far this year is a 12-0 major over Zac Bennett in an early season dual. Based off his year last year when he won Big 10's en route to finishing 5th in the country if he's able to get back healthy I think he's able to put up a quality post season. If he isn't, his back up Derrick Borlie has come in and wrestled pretty well for Wisconsin and may wind up becoming an interesting R12 sleeper guy.

Sonny Yohn is walking wounded guy #3 having sat out the last month after hurting his knee in his first round match at the Southern Scuffle. Based off his freestyle success this summer, coming into the year I thought that this might wind up a breakout season for Yohn given that he wrestled so well in freestyle despite being unable to work from his best position (top with the legs in) but from the little bit that we've seen of him he's been pretty similar to what we saw last year. Solid enough on the feet, but not really the most dynamic guy in the world. He had an interesting style in free where he'd work great upper body fakes and then rather than shooting he'd try and work a quick drag to get behind and then score from there. Like I mention he's most comfortable on top with his legs in, he's arguably the best in the country when he gets there. His best win this year was over Riley Orozco (which avenged a loss from early last year I believe). He's dropped two matches so far, both to Clayton Foster who has really had his number in folk over the last two years.

While I thought that Yohn was going to be this year's breakout guy, it turns out that Matt Powless fits that label much better. He's come out this year and looked really tough for Indiana. He's got wins over Haynes, Burak, Wilps, Orozco, Biondo, and Hanke. He's really been impressive at wrestling on his feet, he's got quite a few 4 point tech falls against lesser regarded opponents that he's faced. His only losses so far this year are two majors to Cam Simaz, one coming in the Las Vegas finals and another one coming at the Southern Scuffle. Has had a similar first half of the year to the one Nathan Everhart had last year, it'll be interesting to see if he's able to avoid the tough go of things that Everhart had at NCAA's last year.

Burak is a guy similar to Sonny Yohn in that I got the chance to watch him wrestle freestyle this summer and was really impressed with him, he wound up as the last guy I left off of my R12 during my preseason picks. In his freestyle matches he stuck out as someone who really disproved the idea that conditioning isn't important in freestyle anymore as he beat Clayton Foster by gassing him out, and nearly made the University World team over Yohn by gassing him out as well. So far this year he's demonstrated that same level of aggression in folkstyle recording wins over Mitchell, Salopek, Thomusseit, Biondo, and then his best win over the year beating Dustin Kilgore in the consolation semi's at the Scuffle. He's dropped matches to Simaz, Hanke, and Powless. If Simaz is able to make it back, their showdown at EIWA's could be big in determining if Simaz is able to get the #1 seed.

Thomusseit is our final walking wounded guy here at the weight class as they announced during the Penn State/Pitt dual meet on Friday that he'd had surgery on his knee recently but that he'd be looking to make his return some time before the postseason gets going. He's had an excellent year so far after moving up from 184 and forcing last year's starter for the Panthers, Matt Wilps to take a redshirt this year. He came into Midlands this year as the #1 seed but went down early to a very under seeded Nate Patrick (he'd come back to beat Patrick later) but wrestled back and eventually placed 3rd. He's got other wins this year over Kennedy, Biondo, Magrum, Salopek, Mitchell, and Haynes. Other than the match against Patrick he's also gone down to Burak and Kilgore.