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30 Pre-Season Questions For the 2010/2011 College Season

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by , 09-13-2010 at 06:13 PM (2049 Views)
Season start is only about six weeks away and over the course of those six weeks I'm going to do my best to keep throwing out threads like these. Going to kind of go in weight order as I ask these and then I'll have a few general ones sprinkled in at the end.

Feel free to answer some or all of these questions or to add your own in.

1. After a season where he went 37-1 as a redshirt freshman and a spring where he made the Junior World team at 60 kg is there anyone in this weight class who will be able to challenge Matt McDonough?

2. How well will Logan Stieber's freestyle success over the last three years against some of the same opponents he'll see this year in folkstyle translate?

3. Is this the year where someone comes up with an consistently efficient strategy to beat Anthony Robles?

4. Will Tyler Graff come in with an improved top game to match his exciting style from neutral and become one of college wrestling's superstars over the course of the year?

5. Will Andrew Hochstrasser utilize the disappointment of last year (injuries, being declared academically ineligible while undefeated) as motivation and lay waste to this weight class?

6. Can Lou Ruggirello put it all together and avoid the title of "Best never to become an All American?"

7. Will the Cowboys be smart enough to move Jordan Oliver up from 133 to 141? Will Jordan Oliver be the most disliked college wrestler next year? Will moving him up allow him to wrestle like the guy who nearly ended McDonough's and Long's lives last summer?

8. Which returning redshirt winds up as the best 141 pounder in the Big 10, Kellen Russell or Jimmy Kennedy?

9. Can Chris Villalonga keep Cornell's streak of freshman All Americans (currently five years in a row) alive?

10. Will an Alton wrestle 141 for Penn State this year? If so which one? How successful will they be?

11. Where will we see Darrion Caldwell? How often will see him?

12. Can Kyle Dake replicate the season that he had last year down at 141 up a weight?

13. Do we see Eric Grajales all the way up at 149 for Michigan? Wherever we see him does he remind people why he was considered 1A and 1B with David Taylor two years ago?

14. Will Colt Sponseller be able to avoid the "Best Never to be an All American" title while wrestling in a much tougher weight class than Ruggirello?

15. If Darrion Caldwell goes 157 how does it rank in terms of toughest weight class rankings over the course of recent years?

16. How will David Taylor be received? Will he be embraced or will the excitement and hype that will accompany his debut lead to a backlash against him?

17. After a season of controversy and a transfer to Arizona State how good will Bubba Jenkins be at 157 this year?

18. Who has the better redshirt sophomore year, Scott Winston or Jason Welch?

19. How does the Andrew Howe/Jordan Burroughs match up rank in terms of most anticipated pre-season matches in recent memory?

20. How well will former NCAA finalist Mike Miller reacquaint himself down at 165 after wrestling at 184 last year?

21. Is the Mack Lewnes, Chris Henrich, Jon Reader top 3 the best three man grouping at any weight class?

22. Will everyone (myself included) continue giving no love to Kirk Smith?

23. Will the rivalry between Chris Perry and Quentin Wright be as one sided in folkstyle as it seems to be in freestyle? Will Perry continue to beat Wright?

24. Will people (again I'm going to include myself here) spend the entire year neglecting the fact that Chris Honeycutt beat Wright and Kilgore last year while he was redshirting when projecting results between the three?

25. Can Cam Simaz make use of a cleared out weight class and turn himself into a Hodge Trophy contender?

26. Dom Bradley finally gets a chance to be a full time starter, how good will he be?

27. Zach Rey comes in as the highest returning finisher, one of if not the physically largest heavyweight in the country, and he's got Steve Mocco as a coach now. Can he become Lehigh's first champion since Rob Rohn?

28. Alan Gelogaev will actually be able to eat this year. Does he turn into the terror that people were forecasting him as coming into last year?

29. Which weight class is better, 157 or 184? Which weight class is weaker, 133, 149, 165, 197? Which guys take advantage of 133, 149, 165, and 197 being cleared out and become new stars?

30. Where does Destin McCauley go? Where does Morgan McIntosh go?